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How Technology Choices Determined Staffing Firms’ Performance During the Pandemic

During the course of COVID-19, the staffing & recruitment industry had to pivot based on changing market demands. In April 2020 staffing firms saw new job orders decline, causing them to become hyper-focused on every available opportunity, as the entire industry searched for ways to ensure improved placement rates. In July, staffing firms had to shift again this time to meet the increased demand for placements. 

In a recent webinar, CEIPAL’s Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Velikin talked about COVID-19’s impact on the industry and how the firms that embraced technology not only improved their business process but also thrived during this period.

In this webinar attendees will learn about: 

  1. The impact of COVID-19 on the industry 
  2. How the pandemic forced firms to embrace digital transformation
  3. The technologies that firms used during the height of the pandemic and what they used during the early recovery
  4. Why firms need to ensure that the technology they use is future-proof and capable of leveraging future technologies
  5. Future technology trends, including artificial intelligence, and how it’s impacting the industry

Interested in hearing about a strategy that will support your firm’s business process today and in the future? Check out this webinar or download this paper to learn more about the role technology played during and post pandemic and its evolving role through the recovery.

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