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The Most In-Demand Job Skills in IT & Engineering: Addressing the Tech Skills Shortage | Industry Report

A new report based on data gathered from Ceipal reveals the most in-demand jobs and skills and highest-paying job titles in the IT and engineering industry. The report, “The Most In-demand Job Skills in IT & Engineering: Addressing the Tech Skills Shortage” is based on more than 85,000 job listings that were posted via Ceipal’s ATS for the contingent IT and Engineering workforce.

“As the leading AI-powered talent acquisition solutions provider, we have access to data from more than 60,000 recruiters worldwide, which we’re able to anonymize and study,” said Ceipal Founder & CEO Sameer Penakalapati. “It’s important for us to share the resulting industry insights with our customers, our peers in the staffing world, and the talent community at large. Given the current talent shortage, we believe that such critical research will help ensure that no talent is left behind in the year ahead.”

Key findings include: 

  • Cloud Engineer is the highest paying job title ($161,202/year), followed by IT Security ($154,054/year), Application Developer ($153,899/year), and Scrum Master ($151,017/year).
  • The top 20 most In-demand jobs represent 83% of all job postings.
  • While Software Engineer topped the list of in-demand jobs, it only ranked as the 12th top-paying job ($140,122/year).
  • The Top 20 Skills listed represent only 35 percent of all desired skills with Java, Net, UI, and DevOps Skills topping the list
  • New York ($151,905/year), Washington ($148,081/year), and Massachusetts ($146,183/year) topped the list of highest-paying states

To see the details behind these findings, view the full Press Release here or fill out the form to the right to download and read the report.