Increase Leads. Enhance Communications. Improve Relationships.

Candidate Engagement Platform

The world is crawling with CRMs. At Ceipal, we’ve made one specifically for acquiring top talent. Our robust recruitment CRM software lets recruiters strengthen candidate interactions and empower teams with the tools they need to attract quality talent in less time. Centralized communications help you monitor your relationship progress with new and existing candidates, while extensive reporting options help measure success and visualize progress toward goals.

Identify Opportunities

Store all prospect and existing client information in one place while tracking business relationships

Engage Candidates

Keep in touch with high-quality candidates and build a responsive pool of talent.

Automate Outreach

Consistently reach out to candidates and clients to improve relationships and drive new business.

Communications Center

Log in to your robust communications center and access a range of capabilities, including mass emailing, automated emails, reminders, notifications, and much more.

Automatic Email Campaigns

Create automated email workflows to nurture leads, engage prospects, and implement a strategic outreach process for your firm. Our automatic email campaigns streamline email engagement and follow-up. Complete with built-in outreach templates, CRM analytics, and triggerable workflows, our automatic email campaigns streamline relationship management.

Two-Way Email Sync

Unify communications with two-way email inbox sync. Whether you send email from your inbox or from within Ceipal, it’s all visible, tracked, and retained for streamlined outreach and business continuity.

Email Validator

Make sure your emails are reaching the right people. Our Email Validator scans email distribution lists before you hit “send,” filtering out invalid emails and unsubscribes. The result is a 90% email deliverability rate—60% higher than the industry average. 

Enhanced Engagement With Integrations

Reach candidates no matter where they are. Our built-in SMS platform, TextToHire, equips you with the tools you need to market jobs effectively. Ceipal also offers a range of SMS & VoIP integrations and partnerships, such as Skype, TextUs, Twilio, SparkHire, and more.