Automatic Outreach

Notifications. Follow-Ups. Oversight.

Strengthen relationships between candidates, consultants, and your firm with intentional and consistent communications. Regularly send effective messages to clients and candidates by scheduling them months in advance and then managing the resulting relationships in real-time.

Instant Communication

Manage relationships quickly and with ease thanks to real-time campaign and database updates.

Automate Notifications

Automatically implement your outreach strategies by scheduling entire campaigns in advance.

Communicate Across Teams

Automate high-volume activities and improve candidate engagement.

Real-Time Management

Instantly reach candidates and prospects by sending and receiving messages from anywhere, allowing for instantaneous and reliable communication. And, by giving recipients the ability to opt-out of your texting service, you’re able to maintain positive relationships and know you’re never spamming your database.

Plus, by being able to update campaigns in real-time, you’re able to completely control your communications. Modify and update campaigns as needed, based on success rates and feedback.

Schedule Follow-Ups

Receive automatic desktop and mobile notifications when you receive a text so you always return messages on time. You also get reminders to follow up on messages you didn’t initially have time to respond to.

You can even automatically implement your outreach strategies by scheduling entire campaigns, complete with follow-ups and reminders, in advance.

Engage Your Workforce

Increase redeployment rates and regularly engage consultants and employees with automatic check-in messages. Then, streamline employee management with automatic reminders for submitting timesheets, completing paperwork, and more.

TextToHire also lets you keep your workforce up to date with important company updates by broadcasting texts across teams.