Job Posts

VMS Integrations

Migrate jobs posted on VMS portals to CEIPAL ATS in real-time.

Job Posts

Job Board Distribution

Post jobs to multiple job boards with a one-time configuration.

Job Posts

Email Marketing

Send mass emails to all potential candidates with the click of a button.

VMS Integrations

Integrate with 25+ VMS portals

And eliminate data entry with automated no-touch distribution.

  • Let the system automatically and instantaneously post jobs to multiple job boards
  • Distribute jobs to various recruiters based on specific system configurations
  • Automatically pull notes, chart messages, and updates from the VMS into the platform
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VMS Integrations

Job Postings

Post to 25+ job boards & social media channels

And source a more diverse pool of better-qualified candidates.

  • Allocate job listing credits to control who can post jobs
  • Update jobs on Dice at set intervals to keep listings visible and up to date
  • Fulfilled applications from job boards feed directly back to the platform
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Custom Careers Page

Utilize our jobs feed API

And convert your website traffic into a talent pool.

  • Create your Careers page using our Jobs API
  • Customize with your logo and website style
  • Auto-push to job boards the moment requirements arrive
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Custom Careers Page

Mass Email Distribution

Schedule & send personalized emails

And integrate seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365.

  • Maximize deliverability with email validation and cleanup
  • Create custom templates
  • Track opens, unsubscribes, and bounces
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Mobile Job Management

View all jobs

And keep everything updated from your phone.

  • Change job status
  • Email jobs directly to candidates
  • Share job openings to social media
  • Submit existing applicants for various jobs

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Mobile Job Management

Frequently Asked Questions About Job Posts

Is it difficult to switch to Ceipal from my existing platform?

Not at all. From day one you are assigned an account manager who will work with you to transfer your data and help get you started. If you don’t find Ceipal to be the right solution for you, that’s okay. We’ll also help you get your information out of it. We want you to use Ceipal because you love it, not because your data is stuck in it.

What is the competitive advantage of using Ceipal over another ATS?

Other ATS platforms focus exclusively on securing hires quickly and effectively. Ceipal looks beyond simply finding the right candidates to provide a fully personalized hiring process, from identifying vacancies to sourcing and screening applicants and digitally onboarding them. Ceipal also offers a robust CRM, enabling you to effectively place and manage onboarded candidates while keeping track of their productivity and profitability.

Can Ceipal access any résumé from any job board?

Ceipal offers tools and integrations to retrieve résumés from most national and several global job boards and even offers managed résumé harvesting for certain sites. This means sourcing, data maintenance, and other tedious aspects of the recruiting via job boards is completely automated. When AI controls job board credits and spending, optimal candidates can be automatically sourced from numerous job boards for a fraction of the cost and time. Then, once you have your pool of qualified candidates, you can easily and effortlessly retain them in Ceipal’s internal candidate database, so you have all their vital details already on hand for when/if a position opens for them.

How is Ceipal’s résumé search different from other résumé search products?

Ceipal’s benefit lies in its extensive integrations and ability to provide access to hundreds of job boards (free and paid), productivity apps, and social media sites—all from a single platform. Given its widespread and powerful integrations, Ceipal utilizes the extensive résumé search technologies of some of the biggest names in recruiting, such as Dice IntelliSearch and CareerBuilder’s Recruitment Edge. Pair this search technology with practiced AI and you get a platform capable of producing a shortlist of the most qualified candidates for each and every job requirement.

How does Ceipal deliver its products?

With no on-site infrastructure, Ceipal is a flexible, cloud-based platform that delivers recruiting software for staffing firms quickly and conveniently.

How often is the platform updated with new features and industry best-practices?

Every month Ceipal gets updated with new features to better serve its users. Whether it be new AI functionality for candidate matching, a new integration partner, or a chatbot to act as users’ own personal assistant, the entire platform is kept as up-to-date as possible with industry trends, standards, and best practices.

Will switching to Ceipal affect my bottom line?

Yes, Ceipal can have a huge positive impact on your company’s finances! Some of the biggest benefits are realized through increased recruiter productivity improved recruiting workflows.

With Ceipal’s automatic résumé harvesting, recruiters can save job board credits and decrease spending. By utilizing Ceipal’s various AI capabilities, recruiters save time (and therefore money) by focusing on the most qualified and likely candidates instead of reaching out needlessly to uninterested or under-qualified candidates. Further, utilizing Ceipal’s résumé library instantly shortens the candidate search, enabling recruiters to secure more candidates in less time.

All in all, recruiters with Ceipal can spend more time with the parts of the recruiting process that require a human touch and less time on tedious tasks that could (and should) be automated.

Does the platform utilize AI to help with HR processes?

We believe artificial intelligence plays a huge role in making a recruiter’s day-to-day tasks easier, which is why Ceipal ATS features an AI Chatbot to assist with in-platform tasks and AI-driven candidate sourcing and ranking. Our AI capabilities instantly identify the most optimal candidates who have submitted applications for any given position and display a ranking of which candidates have the most desirable skills, pulling their résumé and contact information to the top of the list. The AI will also determine the likelihood of the candidate accepting the position by looking at details like current job title, length of employment, and location.

How does Ceipal manage passive candidates?

Ceipal’s TalentBench and internal candidate database makes it easy to manage all candidates regardless of their status with your company. Within the internal database, you can maintain comprehensive consultant profiles to keep track of skills, availability, work authorization, and more. Upload and manage consultant résumés right into TalentBench, group candidates based on availability and eligibility, and even map bench consultants to specific recruiters with the greatest likelihood of placing them. This helps you retain all of the valuable candidates you’ve identified from various job boards in once central location, so you’re never spending credits on profiles you’ve already secured or losing viable applicants in the process of trying to find the best position for them.

Job Post Distribution for Recruiters

Unparalleled Job Post Insights

Gain more control over the way your staffing agency posts about jobs. Our job posting distribution software allows recruiters to see all open jobs, as well as: who created it, response rate, number of available positions, recruitment manager, and status. View how many people have applied, candidates in the pipeline, and the job boards each specific job description has been sent to.

Quick View

Worried that will be too much information to sort through? Utilize the quick-view function, which provides only the most critical details in one clean view. You can also use our string search software to specify which applicants you want to see, you can specify if you want to see; applicants with primary skills and secondary skills, primary skills or secondary skills, or just any skills that relate to the job.

Personalized Job Posting Module

There is much that can be set, personalized, and modified when it comes to Ceipal ATS’s job posting distribution software. You can set personalized recommendation statuses, priorities, industries, disqualification categories, interview outcome statuses, and even interview modes. Our unparalleled integrations allow you to set up interviews via WhatsUp, Skype, Google Hangouts, Jobma, and SparkHire.

Job List Control

You also get the power to control what type of jobs to display on the job list, whether you want to close the job post automatically after it’s filled, respond by dates in job posts, ownership for applicants, and who in the company is contacted if a candidate submits an application on a job board. All of the details can be set, so the hardest parts of posting are automated.