Secure eSignatures

Use a digital signature to complete the candidate authentication process.


Customizable Onboarding Software

Create completely custom eForms & set fields to populate automatically.


Receipt Notification

Get notified every time documents are delivered, returned, or signed.

Digital Documents & eSignatures

Eliminate paper & manual data entry

And provide an optimized, streamlined candidate experience.

  • Create custom forms & populate fields’ data automatically
  • Convert .pdfs and .docs to fully featured eForms
  • Drag and drop HTML elements to create place holders for required information
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Digital Documents & eSignatures
Centralized eBoarding

Centralized eBoarding

Unify & streamline the onboarding process

And enable easy tracking of new hire progress.

  • Map system data fields to documents
  • Create new hire paperwork on demand
  • Store candidate information for easy access & auditing
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Customized Hiring Process

Personalize your hiring workflows

And ensure they fit each client’s unique needs.

  • Create custom checklists to facilitate onboarding based on hire type
  • Assign checklists to automatically initiate subsequent steps in the onboarding process
  • Receive alerts, notifications, & receipts whenever candidates complete forms or initiate questions
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Customized Hiring Process
Superior Candidate Experience

Superior Candidate Experience

Give new hires the best onboarding experience

And always know where they are in the process.

  • Provide hires controlled access to portal through secure username & password
  • Message back and forth with candidates to answer questions/respond to comments
  • View all steps in the process & see progress on hiring paperwork
  • Receive automatic updates & keep receipts of completed checklist items
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Onboarding Software for Recruiters & Staffing Agencies

Comprehensive Onboarding Software

All the paperwork that goes with a new hire can be a pain. But, our eBoarding module offers optimized onboarding software to make it easier, whether you are the recruiter or the applicant. Recruiters can create personal documents and forms, set approvers and reminders, and use portals and checklists. It’s easy to view all candidates who are being onboarded and which are: initiated, ready to verify, verified, rejected, disqualified, and those that need to be discussed.

Candidate Experience

Candidates have the ability to ask questions and get responses from their recruiting manager in an easy to use chat format directly from the platform. Plus, the recruiting managers can effortlessly upload, verify, view, and/or reject documents applicants have already filed.

Initiate Onboarding in An Instant

Different candidates require different documents for their digital onboarding, and sometimes it can be hard to remember the specifics. Luckily, Ceipal’s onboarding software lets you create custom checklists that include all necessary paperwork an applicant will need. If they’re in need of a visa, chose the checklist than includes LCA and H-1B forms. If they’re only going to be employed for a few months, send them the Contract Employee checklist. Are they going to a well-established client whom you have a rich history with? Send company-specific information that corresponds to that businesses’ brand.

Onboarding Software Automation

Sending that information is also made easier, with options to set up automated emails for getting the job, sharing paperwork, emailing reminders, and sending verifications and responses. It’s easier than ever to initiate onboarding with pre-set checklists of paperwork and automatic emails.