Better Visibility. Better Communication. Better Results.

Job Posting Distribution

Promote openings across more channels for better visibility—and better results. In one click, post job openings across all subscribed job boards, social media sites, and career portals while leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. With Ceipal, job marketing becomes that much easier.

Promote Openings

Streamline job advertising by posting on all subscribed job boards, social media sites, and career portals.

Reach Candidates

Reach hundreds of candidates with personalized communications through email and SMS.

Attract Talent

Create a career portal that highlights your brand to attract top-tier talent for your job openings.

One-Click Job Postings

Post jobs to +30 unique job boards and popular social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. In a single click, you’ll attract a wider range of more qualified candidates from every available platform.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on the scalability of our platform. We have 100+ integration partners and counting and are always adding new partners to our marketplace. We release new features every month, with a ~30 day request turnaround.

Mass Email & Mail Merge

Schedule and send personalized emails, while integrating seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365. Our Message Center maximizes deliverability rates, tracks opens, unsubscribes and bounces, and provides instant reports on engagement. 

Built-In SMS Platform

Reach candidates no matter where they are. Our built-in SMS platform, TextToHire, equips you with the tools you need to market jobs effectively. Additionally, we integrate with productivity apps like Skype, TextUs, Twilio, SparkHire, and more. 

Branded Career Portal

Attract the talent you want without trying by branding your opportunities. With Ceipal, you can create your own career portal, customized with your company’s message and feel. From there, updating the page is as easy as one-click publishing from your ATS.