Increased Engagement. Increased Productivity. Increased Satisfaction.

Employee Self Service Portal

Empower your employees by putting them in charge of their individual requests. Employees will be able to keep track of requests from open to close, escalate and set reminders for requests, use data-driven self-service to spot inefficiencies and opportunities hidden in their departments, and have the ability to use our mobile HR employee self-service software to address requests and concerns anywhere at any time.

Measure Success

Take a deep dive into the data and identify strengths—and inefficiencies.

Save Time

Allow employees to view documents and submit requests themselves.

Increase Satisfaction

Resolve queries more quickly with HR employee self service software.

Submit Timesheets, Expenses & Leads

Speed through the busy work. With Ceipal, employees can submit timesheets and expenses directly to the portal, eliminating manual data entry. Digital requests for PTO and assets are automatically transferred to HR, streamlining everyone’s workflow and optimizing response time and engagement. From their personalized dashboards, employees can stay up to date with deadlines, company-wide policies, and new tasks, streamlining back-office work for better results.

Access Organization Resources

Entrust employees with the authority and freedom to manage their own workflows for increased satisfaction and engagement. Through Ceipal, consultants have access to an array of resources, including employee documents, benefit policies, and payment records. Plus, employees can submit requests or questions to various internal departments and track their progress, from start to finish.

Intelligent Asset Management

Gain comprehensive and valuable insights into your assets, everyday. With Ceipal, teams can track asset placement from acquisition to depreciation, ensuring everything’s in good order. The platform sends automatic asset renewal notifications, and teams can assign asset-related tasks to employees. That way, whatever your assets are, they’re safe, secure, and ready for use.

Enhance Employee Experience

Establish open lines of communication for employees and managers to improve processes. Managers can broadcast company updates and communications instantaneously to all employees. Employees can also provide direct feedback to their supervisors, helping firms identify and resolve pain points. And they can do it all through Ceipal’s Mobile App, enhancing ease of work for improved employee experience.