LCAs. H-1Bs. I-9. PAFs.

Immigration Management System

Seamlessly manage all immigration and regulatory compliance tasks for employees and consultants. Immigration teams can keep track of statutory documents, PAFs, and more, with automated reminders so clients are always compliant to local and federal regulations.

PAF Creation

Instantly create and share PAFs from employees’ LCAs.

Manage Visas & Permits

Monitor H-1B and LCA applications and statuses.

I-9 Verification

Manage the entire I-9 physical verification process in one place.

I-9 Management & E-Verify

From start to finish, manage the I-9 process from one page. With Ceipal, back office employees can send pre-populated I-9 forms directly to both new hires and authorized representatives without leaving the system. Employees and authorized representatives can then resubmit completed paperwork directly to the system, for clean and simple documentation.

Public Access Files

Streamline document management and maintain public access files with Ceipal. Team members can ensure all data is properly documented by instantly creating PAFs from employees’ LCAs. These PAFs can be created with dynamic templates and customizable checklists based on your client’s requirements. All PAFs can be immediately shared with completion requests and due dates through the system.

LCA & H-1B Management

Oversee employee LCAs and ensure all documents are properly utilized and up-to-date. Team members can import LCAs and H-1B documents into the system, viewing all documents and setting automatic reminders for expiration dates. Plus, members can track LCA usage and see which are tied to H-1Bs.

Green Card Management

Simplify green card management by allowing team members to manage word permits and the entire green card process from an employee’s dashboard. At a glance, team members can assess expiration dates, and set automated reminders so every employee is always authorized.