Faster Turnarounds. Happier Clients. Cleaner Organization.

Employee Offboarding Software

Establish thorough exit management for faster turnarounds, happier clients, and cleaner organization. With Ceipal, team members can move employees through the offboarding process faster, track critical documentation, and notify the relevant parties for every offboarded employee for streamlined operations and increased satisfaction.

Paperless Offboarding

Manage the entire offboarding process from one central location.

Asset Management

Track your entire asset lifecycle and recollect all company materials.

Share Information

Send notifications to stakeholders, team members, and clients when offboarding is complete.

One-Click Offboarding

Initiate onboarding in a single click while specifying end dates, exit types, and immediately transferring any relevant documents. From one dashboard, team members receive a birds-eye view of all off boarding progress, whether employees are already released or just beginning the process. And rejoining off boarded employees is another one click job, helping you recapture quality talent for efficient future placements.

Automated Document Management

With Ceipal, managers can check if employees have submitted all their final paperwork including timesheets, worklists, and expense reports. The system works with you to track all assets in employee management, sending reminders for asset return when off boarding is initiated. HR managers and team leaders can track individual progress through employee dashboards. These dashboards specify exactly which documents are pending, allowing managers to send (and resend) reminders so everything is organized before the employee exits.

Intelligent Asset Management

Gain comprehensive and valuable insights into your assets, everyday. With Ceipal, teams can track asset placement from acquisition to depreciation, ensuring everything’s in good order. The platform sends automatic asset renewal notifications, and teams can assign asset-related tasks to employees. That way, whatever your assets are, they’re safe, secure, and ready for use.

Company-Wide Communication

Once an employee’s offboarding is complete, inform the important reporting managers, team members, stakeholders, and clients of the change, so everyone is on the same page. Through Ceipal, users can program automatic notifications to push as soon as the offboarding is finished.