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The CRM Created for Staffing Firms

The CRM Created for Staffing Firms

Customer relationships have always been the backbone of the business. Without them, nothing happens. That’s why at Ceipal we’ve developed our own customer relationship management system to help clients manage customer communications from one centralized location.

Track existing customers, potential candidates, and new leads so your team reaches out to the right people at the right time. Enable your sales team by giving them full visibility when talking to clients so they can maintain better relationships for more business.

Use our pre-made communication templates to send personalized emails to your entire database. Plus, benefit from our countless integrations with other communication software like SMS, VoIP, and video conferencing apps.

Included in the license price, Ceipal’s CRM allows you to maintain the relationships that matter most in less time, so you can foster new relationships, close more openings, and grow your business.

All with Ceipal.

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