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The Recruiter Commissions Module Calculates the Recruiter’s Commission in Real Time

With Ceipal’s Recruiter Commissions feature, staffing professionals and recruiters have the single view they need to see real-time commission earnings, improve transparency, and easily calculate complex commissions needed to increase satisfaction.

How it works
Ceipal’s Recruiter Commissions Module starts tracking the recruiter’s commission the minute a placement is secured. Once a placement is secured and the commission package including the conditions are added, the data can be used on any system. From the module, it is easy to generate customizable reports that show the commissions calculated for the recruiters.

Why Ceipal?
Ceipal is dedicated to giving staffing agencies the tools that they need to be successful and improve their workflows. Their success is attached to ensuring that recruiters are paid their commissions accurately and on time without having to go through the tedious process of getting the data and calculating massive amounts of data. To do this, Ceipal created the Recruiter Commissions Module to deliver a complete, accurate report that includes the status of the talent placed by the recruiter, when the commissions can be paid, and when they were paid—all in real-time in a customizable report.

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