Source Talent. Engage Candidates. Manage Workforces.

Contingent Workforce Solutions

Investing in a contingent workforce can cut labor costs by up to 70%. Not only that, it allows you to scale your workforce to meet demand, enables you to hire experts and consultants as needed, and lets you tightly manage your talent spend. Ceipal Procurewise offers unique capabilities, unsurpassed value, and unmatched support to enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Corporate HR, Talent Acquisition, and Procurement teams through automation of talent acquisition, workforce engagement, and vendor management in contingent staffing programs.

Source Talent Via Suppliers

Request candidates from qualified staffing suppliers and evaluate candidates based on requirements through an automated workflow and approval process.

Improve Quality

Enhance talent quality through talent management dashboards, data, and analytics for each SOW and vendor.

KPI reports
Ensure Compliance

Automate high-volume activities and track all contracts and documents in one location.

Manage Talent Suppliers

Add, track, and manage suppliers from a supplier dashboard every time you have a new requirement. Then, distribute job openings to your top-tier suppliers first, then work your way through sub-tier suppliers until you find the best candidate.

Evaluate Submission Quality

Assess which suppliers are giving you the best rates (and talent) and negotiate with the others so you’re optimizing savings and acquiring cost-effective talent.

After objectively evaluating all submitted candidates for technical skills, soft skills, and cultural compatibility using artificial intelligence, streamline coordination with your suppliers and conduct virtual interviews directly within the platform.

Hire & Maintain Compliance

Once you’ve found your hire, upload all onboarding documentation into the platform and track the process until completion. Ceipal Procurewise makes it easy to comply with national and local labor laws, tax regulations, and other government mandates while enforcing company policies and requirements.

Mitigate the business, legal, financial, operational, and information security risks associated with utilizing staffing suppliers and contingent workers by ensuring your vendors meet every compliance standard.

Manage & Analyze

Manage assignments from inception to completion, including approving timesheets and expense reports and invoices and payments, and communicate with staffing suppliers and workers with convenient in-platform tools. You can even seamlessly manage finances between systems with our two-way QuickBooks integration.