Extend Processes. Onboard Vendors. Manage Efficiently.

VMS Sourcing Capabilities

Scale your workforce to meet demand and manage the full procurement process with the VMS for the new frontier of talent acquisition. Ceipal Procurewise enables you to extend and drive your recruiting efforts through suppliers to reduce time to fill and expand your access to today’s top talent.

Simplify Onboarding

Accelerate the vendor enrollment process with advanced VMS capabilities and a digital workflow.

Expand Recruiting

Enable suppliers to source for you, access more talent, and grow your extended workforce.

Integrate Workflows

Seamless integration helps you manage the recruiting lifecycle for your employees and extended workforce.

Onboard Vendors With Ease

Digitally enroll and assign tiers to vendors while evaluating for suitability and compliance. Set expectations and rules based on your business requirements and establish schedules and ownership.

Ceipal Procurewise streamlines the enrollment process by managing multiple vendors in a centralized platform for valuable visibility into cost, quality, risk, compliance, budget management, approvals, and more

Expand Recruitment and Revenue

Access a broader set of customers by extending your recruiting process through your supplier network. Consolidate and unify talent from all sources—full-time, direct-hire, and contingent sources—and objectively evaluate candidates based on requirements through an automated workflow and approval process.

Truly understand your potential hires with advanced reports on workplace styles, motivators, learning styles, and more.

Enforce Priority Rules

Track and enforce the rules that you establish with vendors in the onboarding process for a streamlined workflow. Ensure vendors adhere to the schedule and rules of job distribution and candidate submission, and use duplicate logic to guarantee the correct supplier gets credit for every placement.

Procurewise enhances your collaboration with vendors, helps to mitigate risks, and keeps your projects moving forward. 

Improve Access and Submission Quality

Access all sources of talent in one, convenient platform. Assess which suppliers are giving you the best rates and talent, then negotiate with others to optimize savings and acquire cost-effective talent.

Objectively evaluate all supplier-submitted candidates for desired skills and streamline coordination with your suppliers.

Engage Effectively

Boost productivity and collaboration through integrated, omni-channel communication—text, call, Skype, or email with our diverse set of SMS and VoIP integration partners.

Chatbot integration provides instant connection with vendors and ensures all communications are unified and organized, as all candidate-related emails are automatically synced from your inbox to Ceipal Procurewise, and vice versa.