Vendor Compliance

Document. Vet. Protect.

All it takes is one worker misclassification or work-related injury to incite your enterprise in an audit or risk legal liability. As a buyer of third-party labor, you must ensure all employees are in compliance to protect yourself and your company. ProcureWise + CEIPAL helps you stay on top of regulatory compliance concerns. Our comprehensive vendor management solutions give you full visibility into who you’re hiring.

Supplier Qualification

Enable managers to engage all different types of gig workers, freelancers, and independent contractors globally.

Data Compliance

Comply with national and local labor laws, tax regulations, and other government mandates.

Risk Mitigation

Eliminate the legal, financial, and operational risks associated with utilizing gig workers and independent contractors.

Compliant Documentation

Through one online portal, manage compliance concerns for your entire workforce. The ProcureWise platform tracks all supplier contracts, from origination to expiration. The portal securely maintains all required worker-related documentation, including financial information, so you have access to an auditable system of record for all supplier contracts.

Supplier Pre-Qualification

Vet vendors before you sign the contract. With ProcureWise, you can pre-qualify suppliers for required skills, previous performance, and relevant permits, so your team has total control over your workforce. You can require suppliers to submit business licenses, credit checks, customer reviews, financial documentation, and more, for your team to verify.

Data Protection

Safeguard your company against third-party cybersecurity risks. ProcureWise offers unmatched security for your data. The platform complies with applicable GDPR regulations as a data processor and is SOC2 Type II certified, providing the highest level of external validation for securing customer data.

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