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Ceipal & Nexxt’s Perspective on How Business Insights Drive Staffing Firms to Profitability

As the staffing industry copes with the effects of COVID-19, business intelligence has emerged as a critical differentiator for firms. Why? Because modern BI enables strategic decision-making in the midst of unexpected crises. Firms that utilize data analytics are equipping themselves with actionable insights that will help set them apart in the post-COVID-19 landscape. 

But what exactly does good business intelligence look like?

What details should firms dive into to get the best results? 

And, most importantly, what kind of technology can enable this data-driven approach to progress?

In this webinar, Ceipal gets the answers. Joined by Nexxt’s Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Nikos Livadas, and Ceipal’s very own Vice President of Marketing, Peter Velikin, this webinar explores how to leverage business intelligence successfully for long-term effects. Together, panelists discussed: 

  • The state of business intelligence in the staffing industry today 
  • How the future of recruitment is shaped by big data analytics 
  • How business intelligence increases profitability across the board
  • And, how Ceipal’s platform provides end-to-end business intelligence capabilities for best results 

Watch the Replay

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