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Ceipal’s Microsoft Word PlugIn

Ceipal’s Microsoft Word PlugIn

Every recruiter spends hours looking at resumes. And every recruiter receives hundreds of resumes as word documents, often enough from candidates updating their profiles. The problem is, Microsoft Word isn’t your ATS, and you need all that information in your platform. 

Instead of clicking “copy” and “paste” throughout your day, what if you could connect your ATS and Microsoft Word, so all that information was instantly updated in both platforms? Well, with Ceipal, you can. Here’s how.

What Is It?

Ceipal’s Microsoft Word PlugIn enables recruiters to automatically transfer data from Word to their ATS. Whether you need to update an existing profile, create a new profile entirely, or parse a resume, CEIPAL now lives within Microsoft Word to do just that. 

  • Immediate Data Management. Say goodbye to “copy” and “paste,” “upload,” and everything in between. Ceipal’s ATS is now directly connected to Microsoft Word. So every resume you open is parsed and imported into the system for immediate data management.
  • Control Your Database. Import data on your terms. When a recruiter opts to import a resume from Word into Ceipal, the system automatically asks a few key questions. Is this an existing profile, or a new profile? What information is being updated? Should any final edits be made? By giving recruiters full control over each resume, Ceipal ensures everything is in your control.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Enable Reach Out. Candidate engagement is critical to a recruiter’s success. And a key part of candidate engagement is asking for updated resumes. Unfortunately, most updated resumes come to recruiters as Word attachments through email, which means more work. But with Ceipal, recruiters can engage with confidence, knowing that every resume received via email will be automatically updated in the system in a single click.
  • Streamline Your Workflow. The staffing industry moves fast, and there’s no reason to do more work than you have to. With the Ceipal-Word connection, recruiters can streamline their process for faster recruiting and more placements.
  • Curate Your Database. Almost every ATS is stuffed with duplicate resumes. But a messy database has far-reaching consequences—most notably, longer processes when trying to find the right candidate for a placement. By integrating Ceipal with Microsoft Word, Ceipal gives recruiters direct control over their database and the number of duplicates. And a cleanly organized database means an easier time making placements down the road.

Interested In Learning More?

Ceipal is an AI-powered, cloud-based applicant tracking system helping identify, evaluate, and streamline talent acquisition at the market’s most competitive price. Serving over 1,400 customers and 250,000 employees globally, Ceipal’s user-friendly platform brings together industry best practices for smarter recruitment. 

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