Ceipal: A CATS Alternative

The cat’s out of the bag … CATS has some serious competition.  Check out Ceipal and see for yourself how its features set the platform apart. 

Ceipal offers more

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Alternatives to CATS

Still don’t believe us that Ceipal is a viable CATS alternative? Give it a try, with a 14-day free trial. From day one you are assigned an account manager who will work with you to transfer your data and help get you started. If you don’t find Ceipal to be the right solution for you, that’s okay. We’ll also help you get your information out of it. We want you to use Ceipal because you love it, not because your data is stuck in it.

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Why Choose Ceipal Instead of CATS?

Ceipal is designed to help in all areas of both talent and workforce management, whether you’re an employee seeking answers on company policy or an account manager overseeing employee productivity. Our users love us on G2, rating us as the #1 Applicant Tracking System for overall usability. Try Ceipal and see how every aspect of your day can be optimized.

Ceipal offers more

Information sourced from GetApp on 01/03/2024. Click here to see the full Ceipal vs. CATS comparison.

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Fair & Transparent Pricing

Ceipal provides fair pricing

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Don’t Just Find and Hire, Support Your Workforce With Ceipal

Self Service

Ceipal assists workforce management by giving employees their own dedicated support portal where they can:

  • view company documents,
  • ask questions,
  • raise queries, and
  • track and manage their time off.

It empowers them to seek and find the answers they need and saves valuable HR time and resources for HR tasks.


Asset management is important for any company, but mostly it’s done on spreadsheets or by referencing old receipts or expense reports. With Ceipal, you get genuine, comprehensive asset management so you can view the full asset timeline from acquisition to depreciation and see who’s purchasing what across teams and across the company.


Power reporting tools and analytics make Ceipal a step above when it comes to talent and workforce management. It offers completely customizable reports on any metric in the company. Want to look at:

  • Money spent per job board?
  • Which recruiter was the most successful at placing new hires?
  • Who placed the most benched consultants?

No matter what you want to visualize, Ceipal can make it happen.