Why Choose CEIPAL over CATS?

CATS is built for Recruiters and HR professionals, but we believe there are so many other important people to address as well. What about the employees, administrative assistants, team leads, and account managers? What about the CEO? You see, CEIPAL is designed to help in every aspect of your talent and workforce management, so everything is optimized to help you do the best work you can.

Job Requisition & Posting
Bulk Résumé Parsing
Job Board Integrations
Mass Emails & Imports
Custom Careers Page
Online Timesheets
Expenses, Payroll, & Accounts Payable
Digital, On-Demand Onboarding
Status & Leave Management
Employee Self Service Portal

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Don’t Just Find & Hire, Support Your Workforce With CEIPAL

Self Service

CEIPAL assists workforce management by giving employees their own dedicated support portal where they can:

  • view company documents,
  • ask questions,
  • raise queries, and
  • track and manage their time off.

It empowers them to seek and find the answers they need and saves value HR time and resources for HR tasks.


Let me ask you this, would you rather pay $10 for a piece of pizza or $2 for the whole pie? We would guess you’d opt for the latter, as any sensible person would. CATS is like the $10 slice; at $89 a month and offering only a quarter of the features, it just doesn’t make sense compared to CEIPAL’s low price of $24 a month. But, if you want to keep paying more and getting less, don’t let us stop you.


Power reporting tools and analytics make CEIPAL a step above when it comes to talent and workforce management. It offers completely customizable reports on any metric in the company. Want to look at:

  • Money spent per job board?
  • Which recruiter was the most successful at placing new hires?
  • Who placed the most benched consultants?

No matter what you want to visualize, CEIPAL can make it happen.


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