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Ceipal Roadmap by Amar – The Future of Ceipal and AI Technology

Ceipal Roadmap by Amar – The Future of Ceipal and AI Technology

In today’s competitive staffing environment, every minute counts for staffing professionals, employers, and existing talent. Ceipal understands the pressures associated with finding and hiring talent, while existing talent is stretched thin and anxiously waiting for that new hire to join. Ceipal’s talent management platform is AI-powered to give staffing professionals access to the top-quality talent they need to fill positions, while retaining existing talent. Attendees from this session will learn an AI-powered approach to talent management and get a sneak peek at future offerings designed to impact business outcomes.

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5 Key Takeaways

Let candidates serve themselves: By offering a dedicated candidate portal within your sourcing ecosystem, it’s easier than ever to ensure you have the details you need to ensure their placement. If you’re missing any information you need to place a candidate, simply raise the request to them in the portal and have them complete it on their own time.

Search without strings with candidate matching: Now, after you’ve identified a stellar candidate, easily search your database by looking for all other applicants just like them with Ceipal’s “Candidate Matching” feature. You can now say goodbye to complicated boolean search strings and carefully filtered results.

Reach candidates with TextToHire: If you’re waiting 5 hours to get a response from a candidate, it’s likely the open requisition will be closed before you get a response. Save time with TextToHire, Ceipal’s integrated SMS platform. You can now automate messages out to candidates for quicker responses and easier workflows. Check on message status, view replies, and respond all without ever leaving the platform.

AI automation drives productivity: Whether you want automated reports, quicker workflows, or smarter hiring decisions, AI is baked into the Ceipal process at every turn. This makes it easier to get your jobs posted to multiple channels, secure high-quality candidates from these channels, and then reach out to and place these candidates with unparalleled efficiency. You can even take advantage of new integrated tools to speed up these processes, like passive candidate sourcing, one-way video interviews, and more!

Do everything on mobile: With the upcoming release of the new Ceipal app, you’ll soon be able to take advantage of all the features you know, love, and rely on from your mobile phone. This opens the door to the wider world of work and lets you be more productive wherever and however it suits you best.

Standout Quote

“[AI is] going to save a lot of time for the recruiters. In a few years down the line, it [will] definitely help companies to get the information a lot quicker. But it’s going to evolve… it’s going to replace a lot of jobs, but at the same time, people can focus more on other things that only they can do.”