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Choosing the Right Staffing Partner | Becoming a Staffing Supplier of Choice

Choosing the Right Staffing Partner | Becoming a Staffing Supplier of Choice

In this panel hosted by ProcureWise, James Lucier and Karen Maarouf discuss how staffing firms can become a supplier of choice in 2021. 

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Presenters: James Lucier (Executive Vice President, ProcureWise); Karen Maarouf (Vice President of Supplier Relations, Workforce Logiq)

Checking through the years that preceded 2020, one can see that there has been a great shift for different companies and businesses alike. Most supply companies have been greatly affected and are now restrategizing to remain in business. While some companies still go with the quote ‘desperate situations call for desperate measures,’ others have stuck with their values regardless. As a company in need of staffing, it might be frustrating and time-consuming to keep bumping into the wrong staffing partners before you get the perfect one to give you what you want. However, there are a few things to look out for to help you choose the right staffing partner.

How To Choose the Right Staffing Partner 

While embarking on this search for the right supply company, you must understand that there are two types of partners.

  • Staffing partners who are in the business of staffing for nothing else other than putting people in seats to make money and,
  • Those who care about their community enough to support them and are always looking to give value.

Yes, everyone is in business to make money but giving values must be the priority. Therefore, to pick the right staffing partners, here are three questions you must ask to guide your choice.

  • What do you do?
  • What have you done?
  • What do you do well?

What do you do?

You must get to know what the staffing partner you want to work with represents. The values they give. A lot of companies will throw the clichè “we do anything, anywhere, and at any time” at you but you must understand that the world no longer works that way. Get to know the staffing partner better through research, associating with the personnel they hire, checking their website to see what they do.

What have you done? 

This second question helps you to know the performance of whatever staffing partner you are scrutinizing. Find out directly from the company what they have done. You can go through their success metrics and find out from the reviews they have says about them.

What do you do well?

Every company has its specialty and how they carry out their jobs. Find out if this staffing partner you hope to work with cannot just the job but can do it well. Find out if their managers are responsive and if they have the job descriptions right. You can decide to test them to know if they truly represent well, all the values they stand for.

Final Thoughts

While choosing a staffing partner, you must not be in a hurry so as not to settle with just anyone. Go through the rigorous process of researching and getting to know the different companies you have in mind, then you can select the one that best suits your checklist.