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Leveraging Tech Recruitment Job Boards

Leveraging Tech Recruitment Job Boards

In this session, Dice’s Chief Product Officer, Christian Dwyer, shares research and insights on the evolution of job board marketing and tech recruitment job boards are a must-have in 2020. 

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Presenter: Christian Dwyer (Chief Product Officer, Dice)

Dice, as a recruitment engine dedicated to connecting the best tech talent with job opportunities worldwide, compiles a quarterly report on hiring in the tech industry. Normally, this report gives a brief update on market trends. But the fluxes in hiring in 2020 have made this report a lifeline for tech professionals.

The State of Tech Hiring & Recent Trends

Unlike some industries, which were hit extremely hard by COVID-19, the demand for tech talent remained fairly stable. In fact, in Q1 of 2020, hiring was extremely strong. Q2, by contrast, showed a slight decline—but not a substantial one. In fact, nearly 200,000 tech jobs were still posted per month.



What the data suggests is that technologists are actually in high demand, relative to the rest of the workforce. In fact, some of the industry’s biggest tech companies—like Facebook and Twitter—transitioned to a permanent work-from-home model. These transitions mean the need for a flawless infrastructure that can support remote work. 

So how do these sudden changes affect technologists themselves? How do companies attract tech talent, when worldwide demand for techies is increasing?

Technologist & the COVID-19 Sentiment

To answer these questions, Dice went straight to the source. Over the past few months, Dice has compiled the COVID-19 Sentiment Survey, interviewing technologists’ on their opinions about remote work. 

They found that remote work is the single most important factor for technologists. Over 70% of technologists say that working from home is the most attractive benefit an employer can give. Job stability came at a close second, with a 70% response rate. Interestingly, salary didn’t even make the top three considerations; only 35% of respondents said that salary was the most important factor when considering a job opportunity.

By talking to techies, Dice also found that: 

  • Almost 50% of respondents rated working from home a 5/5 experience. 
  • Only 5% of respondents said working from home was an extreme detriment to company culture. 
  • Almost 70% of respondents said completing their jobs was easier when they worked from home. 
  • Almost 20% of respondents said there were no cons to working remotely.

The Future of Tech Recruitment Job Boards

If working remotely is as important as techies say it is, then companies hiring in tech must offer WFH options. Otherwise, there is little chance of attracting high-quality talent. In fact, Dice found that “Remote” was the #1 Filter tech candidates used when searching for new job opportunities. 

Responding to the overwhelming demand for remote talent, Dice has transformed itself from a job board to a tech career marketplace.

“Our vision for Dice is to create an indispensable tech career marketplace to match the highest quality candidates with the right career opportunities,” said Christian Dwyer. The idea of the marketplace will be to incorporate social components to make Dice the essential destination for tech-focused candidates. 

For Dice, this transformation includes a host of enhancements and new features, including: 

  • Promoting recruiter discoverability with recruiter profiles
  • Real-time communication and connections 
  • Enhance candidate profiles beyond title and skillsets
  • Tech recruitment job boards

Other advancements to the Dice platform include creating intuitive tools & services that align with client needs, and enabling sourcing automation for real-time access to top candidates. 

With Dice, the connection between technology candidates and clients in need will be stronger and more instantaneous than the pre-COVID era.

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