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UK Session 2: Fireside Chat: Navigating the Future of Work: Insights on Skills-First Hiring, AI-Powered Tools, and the Human Element of Recruitment

Join us for an informative fireside chat on the changing recruitment landscape and the future of work. Adrienne Faessler, Head of Global Accounts for LinkedIn, will explore the benefits and challenges of skills-first hiring, AI-powered tools for recruitment, and the importance of soft skills in the hiring process. Discover how a “select-in” mindset shift is necessary to expand and diversify talent pools and how recruiters’ roles should be thinking about their evolving role for both their clients and candidates. Adrienne will talk you through the key findings of LinkedIn’s recently launched Future of Recruiting report, where you can learn more about how recruiting can drive business-critical changes and why talent is a top priority in every boardroom. With technology and data skills, recruiters can become more strategic and advisory. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights on navigating the future of work and staying competitive in an uncertain market.