Our integration with Adzuna allows USA users to leverage smart matching tech to acquire their ideal candidate

ATS – Job Board Integration

Your goal is to find and hire qualified candidates, and thankfully job boards exist to make that task easier. By utilizing dozens of integrated job boards, your candidate search becomes both quicker and easier.

Instead of worrying about writing a job description and posting it everywhere, write it once and distribute it to all job boards. Returning to a job board to see if you’ve gained applicants is also now a thing of the past. Ceipal will alert you as soon as they arrive given the real-time flow between the ATS and job board. And yes, that means you’ll be gathering résumés even when you’re not working – talk about effective recruiting!

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Ceipal and Adzuna Job Board

Adzuna uses smart matching tech to help identify your client’s ideal candidate. With millions of monthly visitors, Adzuna sends candidates directly to Ceipal so you can evaluate their suitability. Adzuna’s key offerings include:

  • Better Search Technology. Adzuna uses tools that give job seekers the information they need to find the right job, so candidates can connect with recruiters faster. 
  • End-to-End Quality. Adzuna has selected +100 national, local, and niche partners for their quality candidates, ensuring that your job opening meets the optimal audience. 
  • Market Data & Insights. Adzuna sees more jobs than any other site, so they help you target the right areas to make sure your job stands out against the competition.

Learn more about Adzuna here.

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Used to using other Job Boards?

Not only does Ceipal integrate with Adzuna, but it also enables you to work with dozens of other job boards like Monster, Times Jobs, Indeed, and more.

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Seamless Automation

Ceipal’s direct integration between your ATS and various job boards exists to make your hiring processes more efficient. Not only do numerous integrations eliminate manual data entry on multiple sites, but they also remove the need to check back in on job posts.  This means that you and your team can stop copying and pasting job requirements into job boards and start spending that time focusing on other aspects of your work.

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Smarter Job Posting

Through seamless automation, you are more effectively able to target the right candidates by promoting your job on higher-performing job boards. Besides that, Ceipal offers job board spend management, so you know how much each recruiter can spend per job board and are even able to maximize and allocate credits so you focus on job boards that perform well in your target industry. Because everything every job board is in one place, your management of them is streamlined.

Note: Ceipal is not an official representative of these programs/services and makes no claims as to their effectiveness. The integrations that we provide are merely for your convenience.

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