General FAQs

CEIPAL is both SOC-2 and GDPR certified – Certifications given by the highest authority that we adhere to security measures at the highest level. All the data is encrypted and we also ‘Role-based’ access in CEIPAL ATS to maintain confidentiality within your organization.  

Integrated Search sources profiles from all the job boards that you are integrated with – saving not just time but also money. Once a profile is migrated into CEIPAL, any recruiter will not be wasting a credit by clicking on the same profile as is the case with major job boards. Additionally, the recruiter will have results from a range of job boards all on one screen.

CEIPAL provides ‘Role-based’ access. Sensitive/confidential/need-to-know information/details can be hidden to promote inter-organizational confidentiality.  

Yes, the fields designated to input the client bill rate and pay rate are plain text fields. Empowering users to define multiple rates for various tax terms.   

An OTP is sent to the support team everytime you need assistance with an issue, which is valid only for 2 hours. In such a scenario, you will never be sharing your login credentials with anyone and at the same time your issue is resolved while your account is uninterrupted.   

There is no limit on the number of mass emails that can be sent from CEIPAL’s ATS. However, at once, one can send 2000 emails.   

Mass mails are used to share hotlists and jobs.  Mail Merge empowers recruiters to share requirements without selecting any email address or contact group. The recruiter can simple select the number of applicants he wants to share the job requirement to and the system will automatically send out emails. Additionally, if a recruiter selects the same pool of search criteria and shoots out the emails, profiles which are next in line will be selected to share the requirement – automatically.  

Yes, you can allocate job board credits to respective users as you seem necessary.   

eBoarding digitizes the onboarding process of an employee. You can upload custom forms and define fields on a form. The form(s) will be sent to the employee and they can sign them electronically, completely making the entire onboarding process paper-free!

CEIPAL is integrated with over 30+ VMS portals, they are; Zerochaos, IQ Navigator, Field Glass, iLabor, People Fluent, Agile, Work Nexus, V Channel, Request File(IBM), IQN API, IQN people etc!   

With 2-way Email sync, You can send emails as well as receive the replies into your Ceipal account, eliminating the need for you to work across multiple platforms (i.e., You don’t have to check your inbox separately for replies. They will all be there in your CEIPAL account.)  

When a resume/profile is viewed/clicked on a Job board, the resume/profile is automatically migrated to the internal database of the system. Hence, the next time when a recruiter clicks on the same resume/profile in the same JB, the system will open it from the internal database, saving you job board credits.  

CEIPAL’s ATS allows its user to send SMS directly from the system. We are integrated with Twilio.   

Users can make voice-calls directly from the system. We are integrated with Vitel Global and VOIP Office. from the tool. We are integrated with Vitel Global and VOIP Office.  

The chrome plug-in works as a resume extractor. You can save profiles from virtually anywhere off of the internet.   

Yes, there are multiple ways data can be migrated from your native device and the migration is chargeable. You can individually do it or if you have a substantial number, we can do it for you.

AI for Recruitment

  1. CEIPAL’s AI – Sourcer analyzes the job description and matches and ranks applicants from the internal database on the following parameters;
    1. Job Title
    2. Skills
    3. Experience
    4. Experience in given skill set
    5. Relevance of skills
    6. Management level
    7. Industry etc. 
  2. Users can further filter down the results by applying numerous filters;
    1. Experience with particular skills
    2. Specific employment experience
    3. Work Authorization
    4. Source of the candidates etc.
  3. This essentially cuts down the time taken to;
    1. Build a search string
    2. Source profiles and
    3. Screen them to a single click.

Yes. The user has the choice to define results based on Job Title, Skills etc.

Yes, there is a filter dedicated to shortlist results with particular employment experience. 

  • Similar Profiles or Candidate Mirroring is a feature wherein the system benchmarks a particular profile and matches and ranks applicants to that profile. Thus, giving users the list of perfect candidates for a given job. 

Managed Harvesting

Managed Harvesting/Evergreen criteria is the search criteria or search string that is constructed automatically by the system to source applicants for a skill set.

Managed Harvesting helps you in building a qualified database which helps businesses in the following ways:

    1. Based on inputs from the BD teams, delivery teams can build a database of candidates from job boards and be ready to close requirements
    2. Effective utilization of job board credits, without duplicacy in profiles and automated parsing of a defined number of profiles in non-business hours

Passive Candidate Sourcing

Passive Candidate Sourcing is an exclusive feature which is powered by proprietary AI technology. This virtually opens up users to a talent pool of 650 Million Profiles. The system matches and ranks candidates based on the job description, skills, and other filters provided; Giving users an immediate cultural & tech alignment of the candidate to the given job. The system also analyzes their social signals from numerous public sites such as Glassdoor, Github, Stackoverflow etc. and created a report on the personality traits of the candidate along with their dedicated LinkedIn profile.

Passive Candidate Sourcing can be used for:

  1. Hiring executives and to fill niche roles. 
  2. Recruiters en masse can reach out to potential candidates on LinkedIn and build relationships with them.
  3. As a use case, to swiftly close positions as well, recruiters can find candidates via this functionality and search for the same otherwise inactive profiles on job boards.