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Ceipal recruiting agency software is built to empower staffing and HR professionals to find the best available talent more quickly than their competitors. Streamline your recruitment process by building candidate databases to find quality talent and quadruple your candidate placements.

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“From a product point of view, Ceipal is a no-brainer. Having gone through a long and tedious research process to find the right ATS that could work for us, I know what’s available in the market, and Ceipal is untouchable…”

– IT Recruitment Manager, The Icon Group

“We were able to see that the AI made a huge difference in the caliber of candidates we were identifying and how closely they matched our client’s positions. My team and I trust the AI completely.”

– Director of Recruiting, BTG

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Ceipal integrates with all standard job boards, productivity apps, VMSs, and social media platforms at no additional cost. To date, we’ve partnered with 160+ key technology platforms. If you need a particular integration, just tell us. Our development team releases new features every month, with a 40 day request turnaround.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment agency software is an online and generally SaaS-based platform used to streamline (digitize) the entire recruitment process by eliminating manual mundane hiring tasks of a recruiter and automating the entire recruitment lifecycle. A recruitment agency software enables recruiters to find talent and manage leads information with tools like:

● Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
● Recruitment CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
● Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting

Recruiters can find candidates from multiple sources such as job boards, social media sites, career portals, niche sites, search engines, and offline channels like networking events, career fairs, etc. Recruiters can use recruiting agency software such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to find quality candidates and store their information.

Good recruitment management software enables recruiters to hire faster by automating mundane tasks with AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning algorithms. The best ATS solutions will streamline your entire recruitment process, while also providing an excellent user experience.