Solutions for Corporate HR

Leverage Ceipal’s platform to make fast, intelligent, and cost-effective hiring decisions.

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Diversify your workforce

Ceipal delivers better hiring options for your job. Our platform leverages the power of modern search engines and personality analytics to find candidates that match your job requirement and mesh with your team. Every prospective candidate is evaluated for technical skills and workplace compatibility, as well as overall likelihood to be interested in your position, so your team can spend time chasing promising leads who will become long term teammates.

Reduce your contingent workforce spend

Worldwide, companies spend $300 billion per year on contingent labor—and 60% of that spend is rogue. Ceipal’s fully integrated VMS, Procurewise, helps your company anticipate these hidden costs by benchmarking market rates, re-engaging past consultants, and increasing visibility into their total talent pool. That way, decision-makers can use that 60% to invest in long-term strategies, not short-term solutions.

Contingent Spend
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Engage and capture top tier talent

No matter what you do, you always need talent—and Ceipal’s corporate HR solutions ensure that talent is always at your fingertips. With the capability to search across multiple job boards at once, create a branded career portal, and build your own private talent cloud, Ceipal’s platform ensures your hiring team always has a rich pool of candidates waiting in the wings.

Onboard employees faster

Excite employees, build relationships, and expedite onboarding. With Ceipal’s secure and paperless eBoarding portal, every new employee receives a customized page, complete with company branding, welcome messages, and all onboarding documents. Hiring managers can track the onboarding process, automate personalized reminders, and communicate directly with candidates through the system.

Seamlessly integrate with your process and recruitment ecosystem 

At Ceipal, we create software that works for you. Whether you need to integrate Ceipal with your existing HCM or use Ceipal as your end-to-end solution, our system will fit into your process. With +100 integration partners and counting, we want to join your workflow.