Real-Time Communication

Transform. Text. Integrate.

Get your whole team texting. With TextToHire, you can send bulk SMS messages, receive instant notifications on your phone or another device, and get one centralized hub for all communications. Reach hundreds of contacts in real-time and warm up prospective candidates or clients with bulk text message campaigns before cold calling.

Instant Communication

TextToHire lets recruiters text enable business phone numbers, automate candidate outreach, and more.

Bulk Messaging

Reach more people in less time by sending bulk text messages to contacts from every module in Ceipal.

Seamless Workflows

Access TextToHire from within Ceipal for faster communication with more candidates.

Text-Enable Business Numbers

71% of consumers say using text messaging to communicate with a business is more effective than cold-calling or emailing. That means it’s time to empower your client- and candidate-facing team members with the resources to speed up business communications. By text-enabling company phone numbers, you immediately increase your response rate for more satisfied customers and better business relationships.

Candidate Engagement

Communicate En Mass

Ceipal’s TextToHire offerings let you communicate when and how you want. Send bulk text message campaigns to leads and clients or capture leads by transitioning from bulk messages to personalized, one-on-one conversations.

You even receive automatic notifications when a client or candidate reaches out to you.

Connect Workflows

Connect TextToHire with the tools you use all the time. Cloud-based and flexible, TextToHire integrates with all standard ATS, CRM, and HRIS. You can even use it from anywhere — within your ATS, as a web app, or on your mobile phone.