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Video Review: Ceipal vs. Competitor 1

Video Review: Ceipal vs. Competitor 1

My name is Vaibhav Mishra – I’m working with United Software Group as a director. We moved to Ceipal, earlier we were using Competitor 1. 

Why Did You Switch From Competitor 1 to Ceipal?

It was user-friendly when we saw the various applications which are there in the market and when we saw this one, we found it… easy to operate from the recruiter point of view. 

One was the integration of course with Outlook was there, the texting system, so that feature [integrates] with different, you know, telephone companies. 

Another function was… the integrated search from all the job portals. So, if there is a niche skill you’re not able to find out, you just put one string and do the integrated search, it will fetch from Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, all the job portals that are configured – it will give you. 

We should be able to fetch the resume as soon as possible, there should not be a productivity loss. The ATS is going to help recruiters to put the string, put the job duties, and fetch the resumes in a faster way.   

[Competitor 1] didn’t have that, and for that, they were asking some extra [money], you know, if we can link in your ATS but for that a different plan… a different program, and you know, we were – we were paying a good amount [and] after that again we have to pay something else. So, then we thought, you know, it’s too much and by the time, you know, I met [the] Ceipal team they said everything is there already for us at a reasonable rate so we thought “Okay why not?” 

Migration Process

For all the data was I remember I think five days – four/five days – but overall you know, making the files to get uploaded and those things overall we took 15 days to do that. It was a good chunk of data, 600,000 resumes. 

Customer Service & Support

Apart from the feature[s], I think the best – which I am very impressed with – is the service. The people [have] their customer service attitude at Ceipal, so right from [when] the product manager Amar was there and he explained me, so the way he explained and the way he adopt[ed] the things what we said… [because] this is more we require and how we want to do [things]… in [the] matter of time [that] training required he did that. And then there on the customer service people who have been associated with us – any time – I have never thought that I have texted them and they didn’t call me back whether it’s odd time also. So, pretty good customer service. 

We had many ask[s] from [the] Ceipal team, okay can you enhance this, can you enhance this is the system, but the good thing is they enhanced everything whatever we asked. 

How Will The Artificial Intelligence Capability in Ceipal Help You?

[For] a new recruiter who is not well versed to make the script, it’s easy for them to put the job description, [and Ceipal] will fetch the resume from the database. The matching candidates coming up with the percentage, that’s also a good thing that’s going [on] because it’s going to help the recruiters to fetch the resumes and the right resumes.  The most important [thing] for any recruiting company is not to reach out to thousands of people for one job. It’s best to reach out the best suitable 50 people for the job. So, this is the change every ATS company [has] to, you know, think of – how to get from the string the best possible resumes and the lowest number of resumes. So it should not be a mass mailing to many people, it should be a selective, you know, mailing which will give a delight factor to the consultants also, otherwise they are getting so many emails from all the companies – doesn’t look good.