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Video Review: Ceipal Receives 10 out of 10 Review

Video Review: Ceipal Receives 10 out of 10 Review
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Hi, this is Shree. I am president of an IT consulting firm, and I give Ceipal ten out of ten on ATS tools. 

What Business Problems Are You Solving With the Product?

Ceipal is a cloud-based applicant tracking tool. We are in the recruitment industry. We – all our 50 recruiters – extensively use Ceipal, including our salespeople. It’s [a] one-stop place where you can track all your requirements, and the recruiters can download resumes from different job portals where Ceipal is integrated to those job portals. It’s a one-stop place where they pull profiles from seven to eight different job boards, and also – those resumes, all the resumes – are saved within Ceipal, and before going to the job boards we check our internal database. We have a database of over 300,000 resumes and we check our internal database, and then if there is a – there’s a special tool called AI Matching where, based on the requirement, Ceipal automatically does check with the internal database of the profiles and then gives us matching, like 70% matching, 80% matching, 100% matching. Based on that, it makes a recruiter’s life much easier to reach the best profiles at a very short period of time. 

What Do You Like Best?

The things that I like about Ceipal are it reduced my job board costs by at least 40% because, rather than going to job boards, we are first looking at our internal database, and also with the AI Matching tool, [then] we match the best possible candidates in a very short period of time. And also, it’s a one-stop place where I want to look at performance or what’s happening on any kind of profile. The client requirement that we are working on, we have over 45 recruiters, and it’s [a] one-stop place, very easy to look [at the] status on any candidate at any point of time. 

And there are multiple features [other applications] missed off on a management perspective. [In Ceipal] it’s easy to get different kinds of matrix on each recruiter, how their performance is, how these account managers are doing, or if I need to analyze the client – how many submittals we enter, we are doing, and then converting them into interviews and closures. This has really improved – from [a] management perspective, – how to assess my team and their performance. 

What Do You Dislike?

What I dislike about Ceipal? Not many things, but there’s – they have been employing, there were like, performance issues, sometimes. The turnaround time or the response time is a little bit slow. And they kept adding stuff. There are a lot of things that Ceipal has added, per our request, for example, the tagging. When you are working for an implementation partner and they work with multiple clients, and we needed a way to connect these two within our database, so they added a feature like tagging and all, but it takes time, you know, like when you have a product and then they need to add features so they keep adding stuff, everything. But… because it’s a cloud, sometimes the response time is low, and that’s the only complaint I have. 

What Recommendations Do You Have for Others Considering?

I would definitely recommend Ceipal for people who are not using any ATS, especially in [the] staffing industry. I think Ceipal would help you to reduce the time in finding a candidate, especially in this staffing industry. The key thing is finding the right candidate in the shortest period of time. In that way, Ceipal definitely helped us to reduce our time, at least by 20 to 30% where – within our search time and other things that are like especially… you want to analyze requirements to submittals, submittals to interview, interview to conversion of them finding closure. Ceipal gives you very good reporting tools where you can analyze each and every client and how much time it’s taking from the time you got the requirement to submittal, submittal to closure. And after closure, whether the candidate started or not, all that you can track. And it’s [in] one-point, one place rather than exchanging too many emails. Everybody in the organization who has access can log in and it’s a one-stop place where you get all the needed information with the click of a button.