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HRO Inclusion Summit 2022

HRO Inclusion Summit 2022
We are excited to sponsor and attend the 2022 HRO Inclusion Summit taking place September 15-16th in Atlanta, Georgia. The theme of this year’s event is “Driving Systemic Change & Organizational Performance Through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Best Practices.” DEI has become a core value and contributor to organizational success in recent years, and there are now many considerations, both internal and external and cultural and sociopolitical, that will factor heavily into the DEI landscape. Building a strong culture and efficient processes around DEI requires more than just a mission statement — D&I professionals need to first learn how to make DEI a priority. This collaborative, educational undertaking is central to this year’s event, as highlighted by some of the standout sessions:
  • Diversity & Inclusion data, metrics and analytics
  • Sustaining engagement and accountability in D&I Initiatives
  • Aligning diversity with talent acquisition and talent development efforts
  • Fostering behavior and culture change
  • Innovative D&I training
  • Building a sense of belonging
  • Addressing and promoting racial justice in the workplace
  • Measuring the ROI of D&I efforts
Procurewise’s sponsorship of this event highlights our commitment to helping companies across industries devote more attention and resources to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’re looking forward to hearing from and sharing stories with diversity leaders who are taking bold action to create long-lasting cultures of acceptance and inclusion. This year’s summit will also feature the first annual HRO Today Inclusion Awards, which recognize the work of HR, business leadership, and DEI executives that effectively implemented programs that promoted an inclusive workplace, enhanced their employer brand, and improved employee engagement and retention. Our very own EVP James Lucier has been selected as a finalist for his work; we are excited to see him share the stage with other HR and talent management executives. Learn more about the nomination here.