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Making Disability a Part of the DEI Equation

Making Disability a Part of the DEI Equation

With National Disability Employment Awareness Month kicking off on October 1, we couldn’t think of a better time to sit down with Bree Sarlati, CEO of Peak Performers, a rare, nonprofit staffing firm focusing on setting a new standard of employment for persons with disabilities and chronic conditions. Recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts on their 40 Under 40 List, Bree has propelled Peak Performers into becoming the premier resource for individuals with disabilities seeking employment and a strong advocate for the importance of discussing disability in DEI spaces.

We deeply enjoyed discovering how Peak Performers is working to redefine disability and learning more about the role Bree sees disability playing in the DEI conversation. Join us as we dive into Bree’s journey of tripling Peak Performers’ size while transforming them into a nationally-recognized staffing company and advocating for persons living with disabilities.

DEI Live™ with Bree Sarlati

About Bree Sarlati

Bree brings to Peak Performers Staffing Agency a diverse, human-focused educational background of sociolinguistics and anthropology. Leveraging her background of working for nonprofit organizations around the world, she sees her job as changing the workforce one job at a time. As a nonprofit, Peak Performers helps job seekers with disabilities find their next professional opportunity.

Brought in as a digital strategy consultant in 2012, Bree began her tenure helping re-brand the company website and optimize it for search engine performance. Since then, Bree has worked in every part of Peak’s business: payroll, marketing, recruiting, staffing, and office management.

Bree joined the leadership team in 2017 and became CEO in 2020. Under her watch, Bree has led a series of organizational transformations and steered the company through the pandemic, when Peak Performers partnered with multiple state of Texas agencies to staff for critical, pandemic-related projects. Under her watch, the business has tripled in size and has also expanded its service offerings to include direct hire and executive search. Peak Performers is now a national staffing company serving a variety of government, nonprofit, and for-profit companies. Last year, Peak Performers put over 1,400 people to work.