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Recruitment 101: Candidate Profiling

Recruitment 101: Candidate Profiling

Did you know that the average recruiter spends 13 hours a week sourcing candidates for a single role?

Sometimes, candidate profiling is just like that impossible search. That’s why it’s important for recruiters to pay attention and have a solid understanding of who they’re looking for before they begin the hunt for the ideal candidate. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “how can I have a better candidate search experience?”, then it may be time to try a new strategy. 

In this webinar, Ceipal is joined by Ram Kashyap, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Tech Mahindra to discuss key aspects of candidate profiling, including: 

  • Candidate Personas. A candidate persona is a blueprint, ultimately helping recruiters map out the desired personality traits & attributes for a specific job. But how exactly do recruiters align candidate personas with specific job requirements? What are the “must-have” traits, as opposed to the “nice-to-have” traits?
  • Candidate Profiling. Once you’ve identified the ideal candidate persona, the next step is finding the ideal candidate. And this is where candidate profiling comes into play. Looking for key giveaways, like academic background, previous experience, and seniority level are good starting points to create a “candidate scorecard.” This scorecard can be the basis for a recruiter’s overall rating system, streamlining the process of candidate profiling.
  • Candidate Engagement. How to engage a candidate is a key question for all recruiters. But it’s also an important step in the overall candidate profiling process. Analyzing how a candidate responds to emails and text messages is a great way to get to know your candidates deeply, taking your candidate profiling to new heights.

The question facing recruiters today is: how can we intentionally take these questions into account while efficiently profiling candidates? And the answer is technology. With AI-powered ATS platforms, recruiters can leverage advanced features to streamline the profiling process while paying due diligence to valid concerns, so that their clients only receive the best talent. A few key features bolstering candidate profiling include:

  • AI Matching Profiles
  • Candidate Cloning
  • Passive Candidate Sourcing
  • SMS Outreach
  • Advanced Business Intelligence

And more. In this webinar, Ceipal CTO, Amar Chadiparala, gives in-depth demos of all of the above features, demonstrating how each performs a critical step in the overall profiling process.

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