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Why Staffing Firms Fail as They Grow

Why Staffing Firms Fail as They Grow

According to renowned Harvard Business Professor Tom Eisenmann, somewhere between 50 and 99 percent of startups end in failure. These daunting statistics apply to businesses well beyond the startup community. In fact, Ceipal Founder & CEO Sameer Penakalapati can attest that there are many direct correlations between the fortunes and failures of both the staffing sector and the entrepreneurial world at large.

Join Professor Tom Eisenmann and Sameer Penakalapati for this fireside-chat-style webinar to discover what staffing professionals can learn from the world of startups and how those lessons can be applied to growing your practice.

In this webinar, you’ll learn several valuable lessons such as:

  • How even the best-laid plans of many Harvard alumni have ended in ruin because of what Professor Eisenmann calls the “bad bedfellows” trap
  • How being honest with yourself can help you to avoid false starts and false promises
  • Tom Eisenmann also explains the “Speed Trap” and “Help Wanted” pitfall that so many staffing firms face as they grow
  • Sameer Penakalapati explains how the “Rule of 40” can be applied to measure the tradeoff between profitability and growth

For today’s competitive staffing industry, you don’t want to miss your chance for a free session of Ivy-League-level learning at the hands of these two experts!

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