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Benefits of Direct Sourcing – Who & Why

Benefits of Direct Sourcing – Who & Why

Direct Sourcing is when firms leverage their own candidate pool to hire a contingent workforce. This hiring process utilizes the company’s branding, advanced tech platforms for curation, and candidate engagement.

At present, it’s predicted that mid-large corporations will increase their adoption of direct sourcing by 60% within the next two years, per SIA’s latest report. What’s more, direct sourcing (or RPO for contingent staffing) is part of the total talent management strategy that includes MSPs and staffing suppliers, meaning this new focus will make waves across all sectors of the industry.

To successfully enable direct sourcing, you need a recruiting platform that combines full-time and contingent hiring capabilities. The platform also needs to equip with text recruiting, conversational chatbots, AI for candidate selection and ranking, as well as advanced business intelligence reporting capabilities to enhance direct sourcing outcomes.

Not all hiring types are the best candidates for direct sourcing, but few stand out. Learn more about which role types benefit most from direct sourcing.