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The Blueprint To Recruiting on LinkedIn

The Blueprint To Recruiting on LinkedIn

News flash! LinkedIn currently has over 645 million users in more than 200 countries across the globe. Yup, that’s right – 645 million. Today, nearly half of these total users are active users, and with an average of two new members signing up for LinkedIn per second (172,800+ per day!), the opportunity is getting greater and greater.

This opportunity spreads into multiple different categories: promoting content, brands, events, and of course…jobs. With LinkedIn being the social platform designed specifically for the business community, it’s the secret ingredient for any recruiter to reach the highest qualified candidates (for any position). 

So we understand the overall expanding size and purpose of LinkedIn, but how can recruiters actually use this platform to reach the top-notch talent for the position they’re trying to fill? We’ll tell you how.

Finding The Perfect Match on LinkedIn

With LinkedIn being so large, it can be a bit overwhelming at first glance. However, there’s so many different ways to use the tool that it should be viewed as a platform with endless opportunities (rather than endless headaches). There are many, many different ways recruiters can use the platform to gain visibility of perfect candidates for positions they are trying to fill. Below are a few examples of doing just that.

  • LinkedIn Groups. Regardless of the industry you’re in, there will be a LinkedIn group with it. These groups are the ideal way to see groups of individuals that hold common interests, skill sets and thought leaders – the perfect place to jump into ongoing conversations with job opportunities for the exact right people.
  • Searching Rival Companies. Sometimes, the best people to reach out to are the ones we are competing against. An ideal target for recruiters is someone who is already doing the same (or similar) job that they’re seeking to fill. It’s a win-win if that individual is coming from a competitor, and with current positions being very transparent on LinkedIn, it’s easy for recruiters to find the perfect targets.
  • Recommendations and Endorsements. When recommending or endorsing someone on LinkedIn, it not only appears on their profile, but also on yours too. Since most companies are looking for respectful, hard-working team players, this is a great way to find individuals who can be great additions to their companies (plus gain some insight on whoever they’re endorsing).
  • Finding “Similar” Candidates. After conducting many of these different types of searches, your LinkedIn profile will automatically start sharing profiles that have similar characteristics to the profiles you previously interacted with. As your network and searching habits continue to grow, so will the overall quality of these “recommended” profiles.

Built-In LinkedIn Functionality for Recruiters

LinkedIn already understands the power recruiters have on their platform, so much so that they even added an option for users to let recruiters know they’re open to opportunities. As LinkedIn is becoming more and more the “spot to go” when it comes to applying and looking for positions, there are more and more features being added to help members find their dream jobs. It’s the best of both worlds – for the recruiters and the job seekers!


Turning the “Let recruiters know you’re open” toggle on allows recruiters to contact you directly for potential job opportunities. Recruiters no longer have to rely on the spammy “spray and pray” method, because they are already being shared specific information directly from each specific LinkedIn user. This information ranges from where they are in their search, when they’d like a new job, and even specific locations they’d be interested in working. As a recruiter, having visibility to these different attributes isn’t a “nice to have” – it’s a need to have.

ATS – Social Media Integration

According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, half of all US adults with college degrees use LinkedIn. The average monthly user spends about 17 minutes on the platform per month, however, for LinkedIn users looking for a new job, that time almost doubles at approximately half an hour per day on the platform. In other words, opportunity alert!

Clearly, having systems that integrate with social media is important. Almost everyone “exists” on social media, so it’s the ideal area to find the skilled individuals you need to fill a position. The easiest way to reach out to new candidates is to meet them where they are, which is why Ceipal’s ATS seamlessly integrates with not only LinkedIn, but also the other social media channels

By having your ATS and social media linked, you’re able to market and post jobs across those social channels with the simple click of a button, without needing to log into every account. Say goodbye to copy and paste, and hello to job posting productivity.

Once you connect your LinkedIn with Ceipal, you have the ability to use the newfound connection to find even better candidates for your open positions. Our integration allows you to post your job opportunity to your company LinkedIn profile all without ever leaving the Ceipal platform. With this built-in integration, you’ll find better, qualified candidates faster than ever.