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Could Marketing to Your Existing Clients be The Lowest Hanging Fruit?

Could Marketing to Your Existing Clients be The Lowest Hanging Fruit?

OK, bad idea to kick out your marketing consultant last week! He was useful after all. Maybe marketing to your existing clients IS the lowest hanging fruit! But are you extracting all the business you can from them? If the marketing consultant were still here, he would tell you that you already know the answer!  

Do you have any big firms as clients? How many? Let’s look at each one:

  • Start with the Org Chart: How many hiring managers are there? How many are you working with? 
  • So, you are working with application development. Great! But what about Business Intelligence, Project Management, etc.
  • Ask your existing hiring manager contacts for an overview of the other departments hiring needs and practices. You’ve already established your reputation – these clients will be your best reference and often would gladly introduce you to their peers – the other hiring managers.

Now, perhaps you already are working with multiple hiring managers within the client. Compare the business you get from each hiring manager. Are you getting most of the business from one or two hiring managers and minimal business from the other? Why would that be the case?

How can your marketing campaign help you with existing clients?

  1. Create a Case Study. Work with your contact to quantify the value your firm delivers. Why they hired your firm: synthesize the problem. Then quantify the benefit: what exactly is the metric: Is it higher productivity, cost reduction?
  2. Get quick Testimonials from the existing hiring managers
  3. Create LinkedIn messages and email templates for your sales team to use to reach out to the other hiring managers within each client
  4. Finally, and most importantly, create an Accountability matrix – it makes it easier to check-in  

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