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Creating a Positive Candidate Experience Using an ATS

Creating a Positive Candidate Experience Using an ATS

Today’s recruitment industry is completely candidate-driven. For any staffing professional hoping to improve the recruitment process dramatically, an impeccable candidate experience is imperative. 

Why Does The Perception of The Candidate Matter?

When a candidate applies for a job, it is the overall experience of the candidate that shapes the perception of the company. From the minute the candidate logs into the career page till the time the candidate gets hired or rejected; the ‘perception’ that the candidate takes along in the whole recruitment process impacts the efficacy of the “employer branding” process. The candidate’s attitude toward the company is shaped through the hiring process; the more seamless and faster the process is, the better the perception for the candidate, strengthening employer branding.

Creating a Positive Hiring Impression

One of the major problems faced by companies is ‘candidate resentment. Using tools like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and integrating such capabilities with the career pages avoids candidate resentment and shortens the hiring process. When you provide an exceptional candidate experience, whether or not the applicant gets hired, he or she will always feel good about the company and revisit to apply for other positions.

On the other hand, a negative candidate experience means that the candidate is highly unlikely to reapply for other positions within the company, and more likely to reject offers and spread negative impressions of the brand. A positive candidate experience avoids these challenges while creating a long-lasting competitive advantage for the organization, which leads to a growing talent pool and conversion rates, and greater profitability.

How Can an Application Tracking System (ATS) Revamp The Candidate Experience?

An AI-powered ATS creates extraordinary candidate experiences. Having Applicant Tracking Software not only saves time, but also makes the job of a recruiter effortless with automated sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding. With AI, all of this is easily accomplished and centralized in one place. An intelligent ATS helps candidates and recruiters as well as organizations.

1. Speeding-up Through Automation

It is crucial to have consistent and constant communication with candidates. Many candidates drop out of the application filing process when they have to manually fill in information for a lengthy and complex application. An AI-driven ATS reduces or eliminates this complexity and shortens the process with advanced features such as:

  • Resume parsing
  • Easy apply
  • Auto-interview scheduling

In short, high-quality automation simplifies the process of submitting applications. Advanced applicant tracking software easily integrates with career pages that are tailored to the company’s brand needs and with direct links from social media and job boards. An ATS enables companies to customize the details they pull from multiple sources based on organizational needs, while also delivering a great first impression to candidates.

2. User-Friendly Mobile Application Process

Job-seekers prefer an easy, short application process over a long-drawn-out exhausting desktop application process. Candidates, especially members of the gen-z and millennial generations, often apply through mobile apps, and they expect a quick and painless submission process.  

3. Communicate With the Candidates

Automated emails and feedback to the candidates help create a positive first impression. An advanced applicant tracking system gives recruiters the automated communication bridge they need by delivering:

  • Follow-up emails after each step of the application
  • Emails regarding the status of the application
  • Pro-active response to the candidate – even if the candidate is not being hired
  • Use of recruitment chatbots to communicate with candidates, answering FAQs about openings, roles, requirements, and responsibilities.

You can easily create a highly diverse, skilled talent pool when you focus on the candidate’s experience and modernize the virtual impression of the candidate with the help of advanced Applicant Tracking Software.