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Recruitment Software for Diversity Hiring

Recruitment Software for Diversity Hiring

DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) measures are being adopted worldwide by organizations with proven outcomes of increased creativity and innovation. Organizations are working toward bringing unbiased recruitment strategies to provide equal opportunities despite the diversity every individual brings. Each organization has its own DEI hiring goal. The first milestone is to realize the benefits of diversity hiring and setting the goal. A recruitment team may have varied goals such as: 

  • Build a pipeline of talent 
  • Diversify campus hiring
  • Hire for leadership positions 
  • Promote more local talent 
  • Increase opportunities for minority groups 
  • Employer Branding 

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) for DEI hiring

Humans have many preconceived notions about people, which creates both conscious and unconscious bias. Hence, institutions are shifting to technology to beat the biases. While many companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for sourcing and screening candidates, it can extend its uses beyond that. An advanced, AI-powered ATS can promote unbiased hiring processes by giving each candidate an equal opportunity to excel. 

Diversity hiring through an ATS is a holistic approach to creating an amazing candidate experience along with building a brand that promotes the inclusion of all communities like the LGBTQ community, ethnic and religious minorities, etc. This also builds trust among candidates. These practices start with simple steps: 

  • Create Inclusive Job Descriptions. The first step of a recruiter is to create job postings that attract quality candidates. The post should include all the perks and benefits, job responsibilities, etc. While writing a job description, many people make the mistake of using gender-biased words that you may never have considered. For example, ‘analyze,’ ‘determine,’ ‘competitive,’ and ‘dominate’ traditionally attract men, while ‘collaborative’, ‘supportive’ or “compassionate” are widely associated with femininity. Job listings with gender-neutral keywords get 42% more responses. With the help of an advanced ATS, you can make quick and simple adjustments from readily available templates.
  • Build a Strong Employer Branding Across Channels. Good employer branding attracts candidates to you. In order to build a brand as an employer, companies must share their Employee Value Proposition across their channels with unified messaging that encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion. Career sites and social media are great ways to showcase the company culture, DEI initiatives, and campaigns through images, videos, and employee testimonials. 
  • Automate Candidate Screening. An advanced Applicant Tracking System can use AI to broaden your candidate database and demographics to find the best candidates that match a job profile with no human intervention. This ‌eliminates the human bias problems faced by most institutions. An ATS can provide a standardized process to weed out human biases. While screening candidates, an ATS can also help to protect a candidates’ personal information about their gender, religion, socio-economic background, age, race, ethnicity, etc. With irrelevant information being blocked, recruiters can only focus on only the information that is necessary to make an unbiased hiring decision.

How Do You Measure ROI for Diversity Hiring?

You cannot objectively measure the intangibles of diversity without the help of a DEI software solution. CEIPAL’s DEI software enables hiring teams to achieve their diversity goals with an advanced AI data-driven method. Our solution also functions in compliance with regulations set by local government organizations such as GDPR compliance in the UK. CEIPAL’s advanced AI algorithms help to filter candidates based on requirements, putting a stop to conscious and unconscious biases. With automated candidate engagement, the use of software empowers you to build long-lasting relationships with candidates, while creating diverse talent pools that will result in the best possible hiring outcomes.