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Unified Communications: Streamline Engagement With Ceipal’s Two-Way Email Sync

Unified Communications: Streamline Engagement With Ceipal’s Two-Way Email Sync

What is the most important part of a recruiter’s job? Of course, a recruiter’s main objectives are to identify the best possible talent for a position and make that placement, but communicating is arguably the most crucial daily task. If you’re a recruiter, you always make yourself available. You need to engage with candidates, manage client requests, and—most importantly—make submissions quickly. People are reaching out to you every day, and keeping track of every single email is critical to your job. 

But let’s face it: you’re only human. Emails will slip through the cracks. Ceipal understands how important it is to stay connected. That’s why we’ve built an email inbox sync into our ATS, so you can track every communication, no matter where you are.

Enhanced Engagement and Productivity

Ceipal’s Two-Way Inbox Sync enables recruiters to track all email within the Ceipal platform. The module syncs with all standard email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365. With this techology, recruiters can streamline workflow, enhance client and candidate engagement, and drive successful placements. By syncing your inboxes, you can: 

  • Manage All Emails From One Location- As a recruiter, you’re already managing a lot: job boards, client submissions, you name it. With Ceipal, emails become one less thing for you to worry about. The platform will automatically import all work-related email threads, so you can track communications from one place without switching back and forth.
  • Customize Permissions for Your Team- Some communications are sensitive, and not all your team needs to be looped into every thread. With Ceipal, team managers can tier privileges of who can see what email based on role, seniority, and team. That way, the right people are easily kept in the know.
  • Retain Email Communications in Ceipal- Don’t lose track of a client or a candidate just because a salesperson or recruiter leaves. With Ceipal, all emails are archived in the system and searchable, so you’re always in control of the relationships that matter.

The Benefits of Two-Way Email Sync

Never Miss an Email- Timely communication is critical to a recruiter’s success. And missing an email is the difference between a successful placement and another loss. Ceipal’s Email Inbox Sync empowers recruiters with a real-time updated feed of all their emails. That way, you never miss an email that could deliver profit.

Leverage the Power of Your Database- Your ATS stores everything you need to know. Relevant information about previous placements, candidate qualifications, client history, and the like. By syncing your email inbox to your database, all of that information is at your fingertips every time you hit “reply.” That means your communications will be data-driven, precise, and—above all—powerful.

Stay on Top of Your Outreach- Juggling two inboxes is a lot to ask of anyone. And it’s especially a lot to ask of recruiters, who are always managing too many things at once. But with Ceipal’s inbox sync, recruiters can streamline communication management so they’re always on top of their outreach efforts. The result? More candidate engagement, more client outreach, and more placements.

Business Continuity- It’s embarrassing, but it’s true: the majority of staffing firms have lost more than one client simply because they stopped contacting them. Maybe that client’s sales rep left the company, and the client just fell off the map. Ceipal’s Two-Way Email Sync prevents you from senselessly losing clients by tracking every communication—business continuity at its finest.

The Importance of Unified Communication

Recruiting is a human-oriented, communication-heavy business. With an increasingly globalized workforce, digital communications are the backbone of outreach, and that means emails are more important now than ever before. Our solution helps you manage this critical channel of communication and streamline your workflow—no matter where you are. Ceipal’s Two-Way Email Inbox Sync revolutionizes communication management for recruiters, ensuring that no email slips through the cracks and every interaction is tracked and retained. With the ability to sync with standard email providers, recruiters can manage all emails from within the Ceipal platform, eliminating the need for constant switching between applications. The customizable permissions feature allows team managers to control access to sensitive communications, ensuring the right individuals are kept informed. What’s more, by retaining email communications within Ceipal, recruiters maintain control over valuable relationships even if team members change.