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How To Source Candidates Like a Pro

How To Source Candidates Like a Pro

Is your candidate sourcing as effective as it should be? Simply put, candidate sourcing is the process of finding the perfect candidates for open job opportunities by collecting relevant information about a candidate, such as their current job responsibilities, resume, education and skills, and contact information. The goal is to compile this information as a valuable resource for your recruiting and hiring processes.

Are You Finding the Candidates You Want?

This informative eBook will help you to evaluate your current sourcing practices and provide strategies for improving your candidate sourcing efficiency and productivity.

75% of the global workforce is made of passive candidates. This means that only 25% of talent out there is actively seeking employment. Talk about competition for talent! You need the right strategy to stay competitive.

Appealing to Today’s Job Seekers

Before you tackle finding technologies and solutions, it is important to understand a modern-day candidate. For a job seeker, job hunting can be extremely daunting and agonizing. But no job seeker wakes up in the morning with the thought of opening a job board and applying to job openings. It is more likely that a job seeker will first visit LinkedIn and check out stories and posts in his/her professional network.

Find Your Talent Strategy

The aim of a well-crafted talent sourcing strategy is more than just finding candidates. The goal is to build a strong talent community, enabling recruiters to save time on redundant tasks and easily target active and passive candidates. You can take action today with the strategies and tips offered in How To Source Candidates Like a Pro. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Building Career Sites That Convert
  • Sourcing Through Niche Platforms
  • Converting Database Into a Never-Ending Talent Pool
  • Finding Candidates via Referrals
  • Offline Candidate Sourcing
  • And more!


How To Source Candidates Like a Pro
and unlock the full potential of your candidate sourcing process today!