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Ceipal Launches Recruitment’s Most Robust Artificial Intelligence Engine at ASA Staffing 2019

Ceipal Launches Recruitment’s Most Robust Artificial Intelligence Engine at ASA Staffing 2019

Ceipal Announces New Capabilities While Attending ASA Staffing World 2019

LAS VEGAS, NV — October 16, 2019 — Ceipal, a SaaS platform for the front- and back-office business operations of staffing companies, today announced ground-breaking new capabilities to simplify, automate, and enhance workflows for recruiting professionals. The exciting news was shared while Ceipal attended ASA Staffing World 2019, wowing attendees with robust platform capabilities at booth 253.

Ceipal’s integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) is the first-of-its-kind to harness artificial intelligence (AI) and deliver a powerful engine that offers searching, ranking, harvesting, and chatbot capabilities to turn any recruiter into a high performer.

“Ceipal’s AI functionality has transformed the way we recruit by drastically reducing search time, while greatly improving the quality of our shortlisted candidates,” said Mani Kandan, Development and Technology Implementation Head of KRG Systems. “This has greatly improved the consistency of searches, and supercharged our recruiters, while saving our company up to 50 percent of what we would spend on any other ATS. It’s a must-have application for all recruitment companies!”

In addition to substantial cost savings, Ceipal’s new AI engine empowers recruiters by speeding searches and improving quality with the following features:

  • Automated search and ranking capabilities, weeding out irrelevant resumes and unqualified candidates, while instantly and accurately ranking those who best fit your search criteria
  • Cloning capabilities to help you identify ideal candidates, then simply clone that candidate’s profile at the click of a button to search for similarly ideal candidates
  • Harvesting that automates data downloads to maximize data allowances, while helping your client organizations build their own unique talent pipeline cloud
  • AI-powered chatbot capabilities that simplify digital onboarding of candidates who prefer not to communicate through phone or email

“Ceipal is showing the recruitment world what artificial intelligence actually looks like in practice and our recruiters couldn’t be more excited,” said Derrick Alex, Head – Delivery Excellence of VDart, Inc. “We’ve worked with some of Ceipal’s leading competitors before and heard plenty of talk about AI, but never got to see it successfully deployed until we made the switch.”

To learn about even more new features, read the full release on Bloomberg Business.