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Ceipal Partners With CloudCall To Expand CRM Capabilities of its AI-Powered Talent Management Platform

Ceipal Partners With CloudCall To Expand CRM Capabilities of its AI-Powered Talent Management Platform

CloudCall’s Intelligent Phone System Gives Ceipal Users a Single View of Their Multi-Channel Communications to Improve Productivity 

ROCHESTER, NY — December 7, 2021 — Ceipal, an industry-leading talent management platform, today announced a partnership with CloudCall, a provider of cloud-based software and communications products and services, to extend Ceipal’s CRM capabilities. This integration combines Ceipal with CloudCall’s Click to Dial, send and store SMS, and listen to Call Recording functionality, giving staffing professionals access to the communications technology they need to engage and place talent in today’s competitive environment.

“Staffing professionals are under tremendous pressure to find and place quality talent in today’s tight labor market and we’re dedicated to giving them the tools they need to focus on their jobs and improve business outcomes,” said Ceipal CEO & Founder, Sameer Penakalpati. “Integrating CloudCall’s award-winning CTI (computer telephony integration) features with our CRM gives staffing professionals the opportunity to streamline their communications and secure a competitive edge.”

Ceipal’s integration with CloudCall provides Ceipal’s customers with the following capabilities needed to boost communications efficiency and productivity: 

  • Advanced Outbound Calling. With one click, Ceipal users can make one call or make many calls to a targeted list, leave pre-recorded messages, and increase pick-up connection rates by using a local presence — streamlining the process for making outbound calls.
  • Sync Messages from Multiple Sources. Notes taken while using CloudCall’s Data Capture, Call Notes, Call Recording, Playback Call Recordings, Call Activity Logs, and In Call Consent can be easily synced with Ceipal. This integration gives users easy access to the notes they need to make hiring decisions.
  • Extend Communications Reach. This also provides users with the ability to send one-to-one and broadcast SMS from Ceipal’s CRM contact records and to update conversation logs and SMS signatures to help staffing professionals reach contacts on more channels.

“We understand today’s business environment and are dedicated to giving staffing professionals the communications tools they need to be successful. Our integration with Ceipal adds telephony functionality directly into Ceipal,” said Jonathan Croft, Director of Sales, North America, CloudCall. “We look forward to giving Ceipal users access to the CloudCall intelligent communications platform, so they can improve efficiency and productivity, while providing firms a 360-degree view of all communications with candidates.”

Ceipal is hosting a webinar entitled, “How Staffing Firms Damage Their Candidate Engagement,” which will feature Mr. Croft. During this webinar, he will share the key mistakes staffing firms make with candidates and customers and will share best industry practices for avoiding those mistakes. Learn more here.

About CloudCall

CloudCall is a software and integrated communications business that has developed and provides a suite of cloud-based software and communications products and services. CloudCall’s products and services are aimed at enabling organizations to leverage their customer data to enable more effective communications and improve performance.

The CloudCall suite of software products allows companies to fully integrate telephone, messaging, and contact center capabilities into their existing customer relationship management (CRM) software, enabling communications to be made, recorded, logged, and categorized from within the CRM system with detailed activity reporting and powerful business intelligence capable of being easily generated.

At the end of June 2020, the Company had approximately 170 staff based in Leicester (UK), Boston (US). Sydney (AUS) and Minsk (BY) with over 43,000 end-users relying on CloudCall technology to power their CRM integrated communications.

About Ceipal

Ceipal is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides full-lifecycle management of the talent acquisition process. Our system leverages advanced technology to analyze vast amounts of candidate and employee data, providing actionable insights for meeting hiring goals and executing talent strategies. With robust solutions for pipeline curation, candidate engagement & marketing, applicant tracking, and workforce management, Ceipal helps staffing firms, MSPs, and corporate hiring teams of all sizes to attract and retain the best available talent. Ceipal was founded in 2015 and now serves 1,800+ customers and 120,000 recruiters globally.