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Ceipal Registered as a BS10012 Company

Ceipal Registered as a BS10012 Company

In April 2019, Ceipal corporation was officially registered as a BS10012 company, confirming that we meet all the safety requirements for a personal information management system. This certification demonstrates our commitment to managing and mitigating risks associated with all personal data in our possession.

The BS10012

The BS10012 rating was obtained through BSI, a global business standards company. BSI offers this certification to ensure the information businesses keep on individuals is properly protected and in compliance with data protection legislation. They cover areas such as employee security awareness training, risk assessments, and data retention and disposal. BSI helped Ceipal improve their policies and procedures to enable the effective management of individuals’ personal information.

Certification Process

First, we participated in a gap analysis, which was a pre-assessment that examined our existing system and compared it with the BS10012 requirements. Once it was confirmed that we indeed have all the necessary security processes, BSI tested them to ensure they were working effectively. Now that we’ve received the certification, our client manager has and will continue to check in with us to make sure we’re both staying compliant and continually improving our security to remain aligned with industry best practice.

What It Means For You

While we were always a SOC 2 certified company, the BS10012 certification shows our commitment to meeting the recognized standard of best practice to keep the privacy of all our candidates, users, and employees safe. You can rest assured knowing that all data in Ceipal is handled safely, correctly, and in compliance with all laws.