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Your Entire Onboarding Process, on One Page: Ceipal’s eBoarding Portal

Your Entire Onboarding Process, on One Page: Ceipal’s eBoarding Portal
Save thousands of dollars a month with Ceipal’s secure, paperless eBoarding portal. 

Typically, onboarding is a detail-oriented and fussy process. It can take days, and be costly for each candidate. And generally, staffing companies have hundreds of candidates waiting to be onboarded—which means hundreds of dollars. 

But onboarding doesn’t have to be so difficult—or expensive. Automating and streamlining the onboarding process will save staffing firms thousands of dollars per month. And at Ceipal, we’ve designed software to do just that. 

What Is It? 

Ceipal’s eBoarding portal manages electronic documents and eliminates manual data entry, all while enhancing candidate experience. With Ceipal, recruiters can:

  • Centralize the Onboarding Process. From one page, recruiters can now complete the entire onboarding process. They never even have to click “refresh.” The platform logs all updates in real-time, so your candidate and team are on the same page (literally). 
  • Meet Every Client’s Requirements. Every client has a different set of requirements for a new hire. With Ceipal, recruiters can customize the onboarding process so it meets these needs, shortening placement-to-start time for more satisfied clients. 
  • Initiate Background Checks. Unlike competitors, Ceipal integrates with numerous background check providers at no additional cost. For recruiters, these integrations mean expedited background checks for candidates. And that means faster onboarding. 
  • Schedule Notifications and Reminders. The Ceipal platform ensures that candidates are engaged throughout the onboarding process by releasing automatic notifications to candidates. Plus, team leaders and recruiters can instant chat about candidate progress, keeping everyone involved. 
  • Modify Permissions Based on Progress. For highly selective jobs—or for any job—a client may not want their candidate to see some requirements until they’ve passed certain clearances. Ceipal’s eBoarding portal helps navigate this delicate process. Only once a candidate has passed Phase 1 of clearance will they see Phase 2.

What Are the Benefits? 

  • Save Time by Going Paperless. Ceipal’s eBoarding portal is completely paperless. From within the Ceipal platform, recruiters can initiate background checks, create PAFs, and manage legal documents. Plus, the eBoarding portal will automatically populate fields with information from your database, saving time wasted on manual data entry. 
  • Customize Processes for Enhanced Candidate Experience. With Ceipal, recruiters can create an onboarding process that works. Everything in the module is customizable. Recruiters can upload new documents, modify existing documents, and seamlessly integrate these forms into an overall onboarding process. Ceipal’s eBoarding portal gives recruiters complete control so onboarding can be as quick and painless as possible. 
  • Track Candidate Progress. Within Ceipal, recruiters can track their candidate’s progress through a secure online portal. From team leaders to recruiters to candidates, everyone can see which steps are complete, and which still need attention. Plus, the system provides a place for team leaders and recruiters to chat, so communication is seamless. 
  • Secure Data and Ensure Compliance. Onboarding is one of the most serious tasks staffing firms undertake, as all employees must be verified as “eligible” according to government regulations. With Ceipal’s proprietary e-Sign and timestamp capturing, companies ensure all regulatory obligations are met. Plus, candidates are given secure logins to complete the onboarding process so they can share sensitive documents safely.

Why Is It Important? 

Ceipal’s eBoarding portal enables recruiters to onboard candidates from one centralized location—specifically, from one page. From detailing a client’s requirements to verifying candidate paperwork, Ceipal’s eBoarding is intuitive, user-friendly, and streamlined, reducing your time to hire and connecting your talent with the best organizations. 

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