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Advanced Recruitment Automation Package

Advanced Recruitment Automation Package

Our Advanced Recruitment Automation Package is an advanced and comprehensive package of features to automate the entire talent acquisition lifecycle. Staffing organizations with five to ten recruiters can gain unlimited access to Ceipal’s advanced automation capabilities, including key ATS features, AI for recruiting, text recruiting, business intelligence and reporting, advanced engagement tools, and more. This package provides users with unlimited access to Ceipal’s:

  • Dashboards: Harness the power of big data to create robust reports with detailed analysis and actionable insights that can be shared across teams
  • Reports automation: Access dozens of built-in reports that are interactive and packed with comprehensive and graphic industry metrics to track real recruitment progress
  • Managed Harvesting: Download the most relevant resumes with configurable set limits to manage costs, while still providing recruitment teams with their own cloud-based “talent container”
  • eBoarding: Manage your entire onboarding process to one page to create a paperless and expedited process for candidates and recruiters
  • AI Matching and Ranking: Streamline the talent identification process with the power of AI to identify optimal applicants in mere seconds 
  • Auto-sourcing through email: Automate and integrate any email systems with Ceipal’s advanced staffing software to save time and money, while improving candidate engagement
  • Auto-sourcing through WhatsApp: Automate and integrate popular communications tools with your ATS to ensure you meet and engage with candidates on their preferred platform
  • Marketing CRM: Improve communications workflows and enable recruiters to set reminders and easily see bounce and open rates, all while keeping user emails atop recipient inboxes 
  • Workforce Management: Automate back office management and personalize candidate experience and customize hiring, while automating the onboarding process
  • I-9 Management and E-Verify: Authenticate employee information, complete onboarding requirements, and ensure compliance from one location.

Additionally, Advanced Automation subscribers will have access to a dedicated resume inbox that can process 1,000 resumes per day (additional resumes can be purchased at a reasonable cost), Ceipal’s text-based recruiting features (TextToHire) with 250 SMS credits, and mass emailing capabilities with 100,000 monthly credits included. Ceipal’s Advanced Automation package also works with various ports to handle employee referrals, client management, and even campus hiring, which can all be purchased à la carte.

Find out more about our Advanced Recruitment Automation Package here. 

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