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Ceipal’s E-Verify Integration

Ceipal’s E-Verify Integration

Before the world transitioned to remote work, studies showed that almost 30% of candidates lied on their resumes. 

Now that companies are focused on remote interviewing and hiring, this number is likely to increase. When you can’t see a candidate face to face, how do you really know people are who they say they are? How do you know their documents check out? How can you verify their skills and work history? 

With Ceipal, answering these questions is easy. Using our E-Verify integration, you can now authenticate candidates’ employment eligibility verification in a few simple clicks. Here’s how it works.

Ceipal’s E-Verify Integration 

Ceipal’s E-Verify integration gives you access to E-Verify, a web-based system that allows employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the USA. The integration lets you seamlessly verify employee information against millions of government records from within the Ceipal platform. Designed to streamline the verification process, the integration: 

  • Tightly Integrates with Ceipal’s I-9 Module. Verify critical data in a few simple clicks. Once an employee submits their I-9 form, you can initiate the E-Verify module. E-Verify will scan all data captured on the employee’s form and then cross check that data against government records. What’s more, this synchronization between the I-9 & E-Verify module eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing clerical errors. 
  • Seamless Data Transfer. Get data directly within Ceipal. After E-Verify has scanned all candidate information, you can view results in the Ceipal platform. Plus, the system automatically sorts each record into five categories: pending, pending referral, authorized, closed, or failed. That way, you can keep careful track of your prospective employee records. 
  • Built-in Compliance Checks. Ensure all compliance standards are met. For temporary employees, work authorization must regularly be re-verified. And if these re-verification periods are missed, the employer puts themselves at risk. Ceipal’s I-9 management integration sends built-in notifications and data validation to help you comply with regulations and avoid hefty fines resulting from potential audits.

What Are The Benefits? 

  • Faster Employee Start Dates. Increase client satisfaction rates and get your employees working faster. With Ceipal, you can complete both the I-9 process and E-Verify authentication in one location. Plus, the platform’s ability to track every step of the process allows you to monitor progress, so you can keep your clients informed on the exact wait period & start dates. 
  • Streamlined Back-office Operations. Reduce manual data entries. By synchronizing with Ceipal’s I-9 Module, the E-Verify integration bypasses the need for any manual documentation or processes. As a result, back-office employees can streamline operations. Employment eligibility checks are also completed more efficiently because team members can track the verification process, identifying bottlenecks as they occur.  
  • Create an Audit Trail. Be ready for potential audits. A Notice of Inspection (NOI) can happen at any time, which means you need all relevant documentation readily at hand. With Ceipal’s E-Verify integration, all supporting documents are digitized and accessible, so you can produce critical information at the drop of a hat.

Why Is It Important? 

In an age of remote work, security continues to be a main concern. Ceipal’s E-Verify integration gives you the information you need when you need it, so you can continue to make smart hiring decisions for your clients & workforce. You can check out Ceipal’s complete I-9 & E-Verify solutions here

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