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Ceipal’s Global Search

Ceipal’s Global Search

Find exactly what you need, no matter where it lives in your database, with Ceipal’s Global Search. 

What Is It?

Ceipal’s Global Search indexes and aggregates information from all modules of your ATS. Using Global Search, recruiters can filter through data to find exactly what they’re looking for, without switching between different modules.

  • Color-Coded Results. Ceipal’s Global Search automatically organizes all search results into colored categories based on module. This way, recruiters are delivered both complete and organized information from the ATS.
  • Easy Navigation. Ceipal’s Global Search links to all results, from each module. With one click, recruiters are redirected to the candidate’s profile, the client’s contact information, or the job posting.
  • Recorded Archives. With Ceipal’s Global Search, team leaders and recruiters can instantly view all past placements. This archived data provides immediate and valuable information for managers and recruiters alike.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Faster Workflows. With Ceipal, recruiters have the ability to search quickly for more efficient results. Instead of toggling between modules, trying to remember if one person is a candidate or consultant, recruiters can now conduct one search for streamlined workflows.
  • Actionable Results. Not only does Ceipal’s Global Search deliver results from all corners of your ATS—it also enables recruiters to immediately action these results. Linking to information across modules, Ceipal’s Global Search provides a hub of valuable resources from which recruiters can expedite work.
  • Clean Organization. Through Ceipal’s Global Search, recruiters see all aggregated results by module, keeping information clean. Moreover, recruiters can still search through their ATS by module alone, so data remains both organized and easily accessible.

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