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Ceipal Integration With Dice IntelliSearch

Ceipal Integration With Dice IntelliSearch

The most crucial step for recruiters continues to be the same, tedious task: sourcing candidates. On top of this process of course is the usage of Boolean searches, and the brutal requirement of needing to get the exact right strings written in order to get the results you’re looking for.

Identifying the keywords, creating just the right strings, and feeding them to job boards is the standard procedure, and to be honest, it’s prone to errors. Not just a small error either – it would be an error that would result in a great amount of wasted time that could’ve been spent on high-quality candidates. So what’s the solution? Dice IntelliSearch!

IntelliSearch is Dice’s enhanced search tool that uses proprietary machine learning technology to help you source and engage skilled, relevant candidates in seconds from its ever-expanding talent pool. Gone are the days of complex boolean strings to find candidates.  Instead, simply copy and paste your job description, ideal résumé, or even a list of skills and titles, and instantly find candidates matching those inputs. We’re talking about the ability to search based on thousands of words as opposed to a string of 3 or 4.

It’s the newest, fastest way to search.

Ceipal Integration with Dice IntelliSearch

Addressing the ordeal of recruiters, Ceipal is now directly integrated with Dice IntelliSearch. You can now search a list of Dice’s existing job listings right within your Ceipal ATS dashboard. All you have to do is select a job board, and then the system automatically flows the job description and details into your search box. In other words, no more bouncing back and forth from site-to-site, and no more tedious copying and pasting job descriptions from one portal to another.

Dice IntelliSearch is a natural language processor and recommendation engine. Combining this engine with Ceipal provides you with a highly advanced, expanded search functionality that will help you find highly qualified candidates in a fraction of the time you spend today. 

How Does It Work?

Expand your search from a simple Boolean string to 1,000+ words thanks to our integration with Dice IntelliSearch. All you need to do is copy and paste the entire job requirement, ideal resume or even a list of skills and titles. After that, you will instantly find candidates matching up with the inputs given. 

What Are The Benefits of Dice IntelliSearch?

  • Find highly qualified candidates in less time
  • No more writing complex boolean strings 
  • Expand your search from a simple boolean string to 1,000+ words
  • Faster and easier sourcing of efficient candidates 
  • Saves time and increases productivity helping you concentrate on your core 

To learn more about our Dice IntelliSearch integration, click here.

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