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Ceipal’s SMS Platform, TextToHire

Ceipal’s SMS Platform, TextToHire

The average marketing email has a 20% open rate – and if the recipient does open your email, it takes 90 minutes for them to respond. By contrast, text messages have a 98% open rate – and recipients respond within 90 seconds.

Adding texting to your recruitment strategy significantly increases candidate engagement rates. That’s why we created TextToHire, Ceipal’s built-in SMS platform for staffing and recruitment professionals.

TextToHire provides real-time texting to candidates and clients, helping you engage and communicate more efficiently. Say you need to fill a tricky position on a tight deadline – with TextToHire, you can send bulk text messages to candidates directly from your ATS, maximizing your job opening’s exposure. These texts can be personalized using candidate information, increasing your response rates and building candidate relationships. You can even design and implement personalized texting campaigns either by using TextToHire’s built-in outreach templates or by designing your own.

And, as soon as a candidate responds, TextToHire will send an automatic notification, helping you capture the lead straight away. Fully scalable and completely integrated with Ceipal, TextToHire combines the power of communication and automation to engage talent, increase placements, and improve relationships.

Plus, unlike other SMS providers, TextToHire’s pricing model does not charge for incoming texts, delivering 50% savings to your firm. When over 85 percent of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or an email, there’s no time to lose.

Get TextToHire and begin leveraging enterprise texting for your firm today.

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