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Send Emails That Actually Deliver: Ceipal’s Email Validator

Send Emails That Actually Deliver: Ceipal’s Email Validator
All ATSs offer a mass email module—but Ceipal is the ATS that can get your deliverability rate up to 90%.

Email campaigns are a tried and true pillar of job marketing. And yet, only 30% of all staffing emails actually make it into candidate inboxes. The other 70% bounce or result in unsubscribes. Realistically, that number is too low to achieve success. 

At Ceipal, we know how to make it higher. Our message center’s Email Validator will help get your communications through spam filters and into inboxes. From there, your email will do the work.

What Is It? 

Ceipal’s Email Validator bolsters job marketing by combining CRM capabilities with artificial intelligence. Found in the message center, this Email Validator allows recruiters to:

  • Create Audiences Based on Job Requirements. The system sorts your database profiles into groups based on key factors, like job titles and experience level. And for every requirement, the system automatically filters out unqualified candidates, so you’re never sending a job requirement that’s irrelevant. 
  • Clean Up Distribution Lists. Our Email Clean Up Add-On validates all recipients on your distribution list before you hit send. After using this add-on, our clients have reported a significant jump in email deliverability rates—often, as high as 90%. 
  • Leverage CRM Intelligence. Ceipal’s state-of-the-art CRM, complete with personalized templates, scheduled messages, and more, is the final key to take your email marketing to new heights. All your communications will be recorded and on file, so you can reach out with full information for better results. 

What Are The Benefits? 

  • Reach The Talent You Need. Sending emails that bounce lowers your domain authority, so your emails are more likely to be classified as “spam.” And once you’re classified as spam, it’s almost impossible to reach an inbox. At Ceipal, our clients have reported a 90% deliverability rate—60% higher than the industry average. That’s a number that yields results.
  • Target The Right Audiences. One of the most common reasons candidates and consultants unsubscribe from emails is irrelevant content. Not only does this mean you’re losing candidates — it also hurts your reputation as a firm. By targeting your communications by skill set, qualifications, and experience, you can make sure your emails are always tailored to each demographic’s needs and interests. That means more opens, more engagement, and more placements.
  • Strategize as You Work. Keeping up with your data is essential for email deliverability—and for success as a firm. With Ceipal’s enhanced business intelligence, you can run customized reports on email statistics. With this comprehensive data at your fingertips, you have everything you need to strategize effectively about who to approach when, and with what job.

A Message Center that Works: Ceipal’s Email Validator 

All ATSs offer mass mailing functionality. But that feature will only get your firm to the industry average 30% deliverability rate. With Ceipal’s 90% deliverability rate, we’ve seen customer email marketing explode, leading to more opportunities and better candidate relationships. It’s amazing what happens when your email gets in front of the right pair of eyes.